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Some things Chuck wants us to know about him: Sarah thought he killed a guy and it upset her, but Casey told her the truth: Casey was the killer. Agent Superman found out Sarah's Red Test was to kill his wife, and then he took her away in secret at the end of the episode. Chuck was worried. We open on Sarah and Agent Superman running together along the side of a building, seemingly working together. He tells her the Ring's most senior operative is inside, and she breaks them in. She asks him to cover her, and he draws his gun ominously.

Buy More. Chuck's looking for Casey, but Morgan's pestering him about being a member of Operation Bartowski. He sells himself as the Q to his Bond, Robin to his Batman. Morgan tells Chuck Casey's whereabouts (he's exiting the bathroom), so Chuck's like, "You're a spy." He says it to get rid of Morgan, but ... this is Morgan, so we know he thinks it's real. Sarah goes down some stairs and says, "Shaw?" with some uncertainty. Casey thinks Chuck shouldn't have just told him everything he just told him off screen, but Chuck says General Redhead won't help so he has to. Casey gives him his contact, finally. It's one Colonel Sanders, and Casey growls at Chuck not to make fun of his name.

Back at the Ring warehouse, Sarah finds the same video Agent Superman watched last week of his wife saying "I love you" and then Sarah shooting her. Chuck and his gang approach the building as Agent Superman approaches Sarah with his gun drawn. When she turns and asks him why the Ring has this video of her Red Test, he lowers his gun so it looks like he was never pointing it at her, but at whoever might be lurking behind her. She still doesn't get who the woman is, but she says it was the worst moment of her life. Agent Superman: "Mine too." She asks who the woman is, and he says, "Evelyn Shaw." She can't believe she killed his wife, but he says it's not her fault since she was used and manipulated. She's clearly torn up about it, and Chuck watches as she and Agent Superman end up hugging. Then someone calls his radio, startling the hugbirds. Chuck's all, "Hi," and then Colonel Sanders' crew comes in like it's a big something when it's a whole lot of nothing. Chuck cancels everything: tactical, air support, "and the tank. Cancel the tank." Hee. Bobby Cake credits.

Castle. General Redhead scolds Chuck for calling in a full tactical assault, and says he's clearly not ready for Rome. He points out it was Sarah who was in danger and he had to save her, but General Redhead's not thrilled about the bill, which is longer than her copy of Atlas Shrugged. Right, but it probably doesn't seem as long, which is what matters. Chuck reminds her that she also believed that Agent Superman had gone rogue. Just then Sarah and Agent Superman come in, and he tells General Redhead that Chuck's actions were those of a true spy, and he'd have done the same thing himself. "Maybe without the stealth bombers, but maybe that's just me." Sarah sweetly thanks Chuck for the tank. Agent Superman wonders who ordered the Red Test, and then he tells General Redhead he can still work with Sarah, since they both want the same thing: to capture the director and take down the Ring. He asks Sarah if she's with him and they can still be a team. She says yes, and Chuck's like, "Great. Everyone's back together again."

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