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'What's the Worst that Could Happen?'
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Subway commercial. It must be time for Chuck. A few things Chuck would like us to know: Robin Givens started an Intersect program, then General Redhead put Chuck in charge (after he disarmed a bomb with fruit juice). Robin Givens gave Ellie her dad's computer. Sabotage! Which is where we begin, with Ellie so focused on her computer and so sleep-deprived she doesn't know her baby is right next to her. Awesome wonders if Ellie's sure she should be digging around in her dad's computer, since it could be dangerous. She says she doesn't know, but it's all about the brain's neurocircuitry and stuff, so "What's the worst that could happen?" And with that, she's daring the show to make a lot of bad stuff happen. So we're off.

Castle. General Redhead is filling the gang in on the new Intersect project, which Chuck will lead. Robin Givens shows up late, and General Redhead tells her what a terrible job she did choosing Intersects, since it clearly works so much better in Chuck. His first assignment in charge of the this project will be to find people similar to him to put the Intersect in. General Redhead reminds everyone they are to support Chuck, who's in charge. She shuts off, and Morgan tells Chuck how proud he is of him for being in charge. Chuck reminds everyone that he's in charge, and that he saved the city by disarming a nuke using fruit juice, but he's really not a big deal (fake humility). Morgan reminds Chuck of the last time he was in charge, when he led their party of D&D adventurers to their deaths. Chuck mumbles about how it was Tom's fault for not casting a confusion spell. But then he gets back on topic, and tells everyone he knows it's awkward reporting to him, but they're all important. Robin Givens tells him she'll be back in charge as soon as he and his stupid pocket protector screw this up. She leaves, and Morgan tells her that pocket protectors are not only practical, but also required Buy More attire.

Chuck introduces the gang to the four people who have been deemed most Chuck-like based on his own psychological profile. They'll be at Buy More in an hour. Casey: "Good Lord. Four more Chucks." First up is Lewis, a tech specialist and hacker. He's also a gamer, and he spent some time in England, which somehow gave him an English accent. Jody, a psy-ops genius. Casey tells him he had to get a girl to find someone as feely as him. Damian is next. He's been typecast as a terrorist and has been stuck in the desert, which reminded Chuck of being stuck in the Buy More. Brody, who looks and dresses a lot like Chuck. He's nerdy and emotional. Casey will test them physically, Sarah evaluates them psychologically, and Morgan will evaluate their cultural knowledge. He has the best job, asking questions like, "Quick! Rush's best album?" and "Charlton Heston sci-fi question for you. Which one's cooler: Soylent Green or Omega Man?" and "Favorite Bond, Connery excluded." Jody says she doesn't know why men care about this things, and that nothing he's asking her matters at all. Morgan, puzzled: "What the hell is she talking about?" Lewis is clearly the biggest Chuck-alike. He even knows things about Chuck's cultural knowledge that Chuck had kept secret from Morgan.

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