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The Next Generation
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Chuck doesn't tell us anything we need to know this week. We just open on a car in Samara, Russia. A guy slides in the back and asks the driver where the key is. He doesn't know, and says Volkoff chose Antonia. Backseat Driver appreciates his honesty and then shoots him. Cut to Backseat Driver making out with a lady (Antonia, I presume). She pulls a gun, onto him, but he's already taken her bullets out, onto her. She doesn't have the key, so he kills her, too. As if the making out meant nothing to him. Third guy's putting some food in the microwave when Backseat Driver shows up in his kitchen. The guy says he doesn't have the key, but knows who does. Backseat Driver: "Good." But the guy doesn't reveal too much, so who knows? Maybe Backseat Driver won't kill him, right?

Chuck and Morgan are decorating for Valentine's Day at the apartment. The living room looks like Valentine's Day actually vomited all over the place, and then Morgan adds in a bearskin rug (which Morgan had to buy in bulk, so if Chuck knows anyone who wants one, he has seven more just like it). They work out the plan: Morgan gets the living room for 90 minutes with Alex, while Chuck and Sarah stay in Chuck's room. Then Chuck and Sarah can have the living room to watch Love, Actually (apparently a hit with the ladies around the world), and Morgan and Alex will head to his room. The doorbell rings, and Morgan and Chuck fist-bump over the rare occurrence of both of them being in a relationship on Valentine's Day. Less romantic are the Awesomes, all scruffy in sweatpants when Clara finally gets to sleep. They decide to sleep, but first some sex. But Clara cries. They try to just let her cry, but they can't do it. No sex or sleep for them, I guess.

Back at Chuck and Morgan's, Chuck's dancing for Sarah, who's on his bed, and quoting Pretty Woman. Chuck pulls off his jacket to reveal a T-shirt with his face under the words "LOVE MACHINE." Sarah promises there's a secret under her coat, too, but first she wants to give him the chocolate strawberries she made. Unfortunately, that means going into the Morgan zone, but Chuck says he'll just go out there since it's only been five minutes. When he gets out there, Morgan and Alex have eyemasks on as they do weird yoga breathing things with their hands up and facing each other but usually not touching. Chuck's cell phone vibrates and he nearly drops the strawberries (but Sarah catches them). Morgan and Alex think the vibrating is their souls being so close. They keep up the strange breathing and hand movements and then call for chocolate sauce. Sarah and Chuck are pretty horrified, and she gets stuck on a hook in the kitchen. When she slips out of her coat to break free, we see she's in a sexy red teddy and angel wings. Adorable.

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