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Chuck Versus The Marlin

...up to the helipad. Come on, Casey -- where are you?! Chuck babbles about negotiating and finally Pita Girl drones, "I have two guns, Chuck, what do you have?" Sarah leaps on her from behind, explaining, "Me!" Chick fight. Chuck shrieks, "Don't break the ring!" Finally, Casey arrives -- not in the chopper because I suck at this game -- all tastied-out in black cat burglar attire and enters the fray. Before he can do much good, Sarah and Pita Girl roll off the helipad and down into a soft pile of garbage. The fight continues in the dumpster. Sarah finally fells Pita Girl with one last punch, causing Casey to smirk, "I had a feeling that girl was dirty."

In a repeat performance of the earlier scene, Big Mike walks into the Buy More so totally absorbed in his reading that he doesn't notice the Buy More has been restocked. He gets to his office, looks up, and sees the duct-taped marlin back on the wall. He smiles, "Norman." Because that's what he named the marlin? Norman the marlin? Cuteness. Only then does Big Mike turn around and see his store full of merchandise. "The power of positive thinking," he smiles.

Back at home, Cpt. Awesome has been up all night with Ellie asleep in his lap. He smiles, "This was an amazing night as it always is with --" He furrows, "But sometimes, I know life isn't always awesome." He continues on in a long-winded proposal vein as Chuck and Sarah search through the garbage for the ring. Sarah tells Chuck they can just buy another ring, but Chuck insists, "It's was Awesome's grandmother's ring, it's going to be my sister's -- even if it's covered in coffee ground and miscellaneous DNA!" Awesome goes on that he has a ring and Chuck's permission, so will Ellie do him the honor of becoming his wife? Ellie snores and turns over to face the camera. Under some baby diapers and in a pan of couscous, Chuck finally finds the ring. He zips home, polishes the ring with his tie, and walks into the living room. Fairly calm, given the circumstances, Awesome gives him a "what gives?" look. Chuck apologizes breathlessly and tosses him the ring, saying, "It might be a little dirty." "Way to go, Chuck," Awesome approves, "I always knew you could handle my family jewels. So to speak." Awesome takes a deep breath. Chuck suggests waking Ellie up by pinching her nose. Awesome stares at him until Chuck gets the picture and makes himself scarce.

Chuck joins Sarah outside the apartment and comments that it will make one hell of a story at their wedding. Sarah glares at him. "Which I'm never allowed to talk about...under fear of death. Understood. I have other material," Chuck admits. Sarah looks sideways at a window and says, "You wanna?" "What, spy?" Chuck asks. It is what they do best. Sarah and Chuck look in the window and see Ellie's excitement. "I couldn't leave them yet," he says. Sarah promises he doesn't have to worry about that, "You're safe." How exactly? I would assume the supervisors just would have sent another extractor. Chuck starts to say that he knows his safety is temporary, but Sarah interrupts him to suggest he go in and congratulate Ellie. He asks her to come in with him, but Sarah shakes her head, "It's family time." "I know," Chuck says. "Well, goodnight," Sarah chokes out. Chuck goes in alone, and Sarah sadly watches the three of them. Casey comes up behind her and growls, "We can only keep him here for so long -- you realize that, don't you?" And the music gets all scary.

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