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Chuck Versus The Marlin

Chuck discusses his future home with Conway. Conway assures him he's getting a state-of-the-art underground bunker with all sorts of bells and whistles to restrict his freedom. Chuck will even be allowed outside to visit "controlled locations." Although Chuck wants to be able to tell his sister something (anything!) before he disappears, Conway kindly promises it's safer for friends and family if Chuck just disappears. Conway and Chuck wait on a helipad but Sarah shows up, yelling, "Long Shore!" Hey, how did she know his code name thingy? Sarah pulls rank on Conway and tells him they're holding off on the Chuck transfer, pending Casey's FULCRUM capture. Conway retorts if there had been a change, he would have been notified and he has his orders. Sarah begs for more time, Chuck is her asset. She will take full responsibility. Conway eyes both of them. "Please don't do this," Sarah says, TOTALLY REACHING INTO HER BACK WAISTBAND FOR HER GUN! Conway caves and gives them one minute. Pshaw, Casey only needs thirty seconds to save the day! Chuck stammers to Sarah that he's not ready to disappear. She knows. He wants her to talk to Ellie and Morgan and his friends, and if he's supposed to be dead, he wants Sarah to tell them something that will make them feel better about it all. They need to know how much he loves them. All teary, Sarah nods, she can do that for him. "Of course you can," Chuck says, half to himself, "You're Sarah, you can do anything." Aw! Can we DISCUSS how Sarah was ready to SHOOT A FELLOW AGENT for Chuck's freedom? Man, I love this show. Chuck chokes out that the silver lining in all of this is that they won't be working together anymore and can finally go on a date, "You can come to my cell and we can hang out and you can tell me who the president is." Chuck grabs her hands and adds, "And maybe we can find out how we really feel." Conway barks that their time is up. Chuck tells Sarah goodbye -- who is crying now, BY the WAY -- and walks over to Conway. Dude, whatever, Casey's going to be flying that chopper. Right? I have to have hit something in this episode! Sarah calls out to Chuck and says, "I'll save you later." Chuck walks over to Conway, but there's the padded thwomp of a silenced bullet, and Conway goes down. That couldn't have been Sarah because she's doesn't have a silencer on her piece. Ooh! It's Pita Girl! And she's shooting at all of them! Sarah gets her gun shot out of her hand, so they run. Shooty-bang-bang and rooftop running. A really bad actress, Pita Girl babbles about listening to the bug receiver, learning about Intersect-Chuck, and she's being all threatening about it. Chuck offers to surrender so Sarah can run, "I'm going to a cell any way, what's the difference?" One word -- tell him, Sarah: "Torture." Yeah, there will be no surrendering tonight. Pita Girl keeps on with her bad acting and brags that she has Cpt. Awesome's ring. Sarah darts off, ordering Chuck to distract Pita Girl. How? Well, he runs.

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