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Chuck Versus The Marlin

Pita Girl arrives at Weinerlicious just as Sarah reads Chuck's email and sees the attached vid of Pita Girl planting the bug. After attempting one tactic of getting into Sarah's freezer (dirty?), Pita Girl pulls a gun and chick fighting ensues. Two skate rats come in, both girls yell, "We're closed!", the skate rats leave, and chick fighting continues. Recovering from a hit, Sarah punches some buttons on the register and a camera scrolls down from the ceiling.

Buy More. Morgan's about to tell Chuck that it's okay for him to propose to Sarah, when Cpt. Awesome calls to say he's going to propose to Ellie via dinner and a molten chocolate cake. Messy! Chuck thinks that's a great idea and wants Cpt. Awesome to promise to take care of Ellie no matter what. Cpt. Awesome acts dim and hangs up, but not before ordering Chuck to have the ring there in two hours. Chuck finally manages to tell Morgan that the ring was for Ellie, not Sarah, and then slaps Morgan into telling him where said ring is. Where else? In the marlin, which is in freezer, which is in Weinerlicious. There might be an old lady swallowing a fly involved as well, but it's too soon to tell. Guess what else is in the freezer in Weinerlicious? Sarah, at gunpoint. She slides the fish over to Pita Girl who then locks her in. Chuck arrives -- how much later, really? -- and finds the marlin broken in half. The ring isn't inside. Chuck freaks. He finds Sarah padlocked in the freezer and freaks some more. Sarah tells him to focus and get the gun she's hidden in the horseradish jar. Chuck seeks, finds, and finally shoots. But the safety's on. He nervously drops the gun and is picking it up just as Det. Conway comes in. Of course, Det. Conway sees the gun and pulls his own. Conway refuses to listen to Chuck's babbles about Sarah being trapped in the freezer and orders Chuck out. Sarah -- who had hidden herself from view because I was right! Conway is bad! -- peers back out of the window.

Casey, who FINALLY gets Morgan to tell him the marlin is at the Weinerlicious, finds the severed marlin and shoots Sarah out of the freezer with one bullet. Casey probably never keeps his safety on. Sarah brings Casey up to speed on Pita Girl and Chuck's abduction.

Cpt. Awesome leaves a gritted-teeth message for Chuck, informing him, "This is not awesome." Hee.

Conway's car. When Conway radios HQ and calls himself "Long Shore," Chuck flashes and realizes Conway is -- ta-da! -- not a cop. Sarah and Casey report to their supervisors about Pita Girl, showing them the video of her karate-chopping the marlin in half and removing the receiver. Sarah asks for more time to take Pita Girl out and to triangulate whomever it was she called after she got the receiver. General Beckman reveals that Conway is CIA, dispatched to extract Chuck. Dude! But I was sorta right, he's still sorta bad! Ooh, wait -- maybe he's a double and using his CIA cover to get Chuck for FULCRUM! Because who else did Pita Girl call? By the way, Casey does not look surprised by this turn of events while Sarah is totally surprised. General Beckman tells Sarah and Casey that their job is to get the FULCRUM agent and forget about Chuck. Casey says, "We're on it," and switches off the interface. "'We,'" he says, looking at Sarah, "Meaning I'll get [Pita Girl] while you find Chuck." YAY! CASEY LOVES CHUCK! Sarah stares at Casey. "Well, don't make me change my mind," Casey grumbles. CASEY LOVES CHUCK!

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