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Chuck Versus The Marlin

Buy More. Big Mike and Det. Conway grill Morgan. Turns out, Big Mike doesn't care about the insured merchandise, but the fish cost him $200 on eBay. Really? $200? Morgan snickers that Big Mike bought the fish, "What did you use for bait? PayPal?" Chuck's next to be interrogated and he immediately swears that he stole nothing. Big Mike loses it and shines the desk lamp in Chuck's face, screaming, "WHERE'S MY FISH, BARTOWSKI?!"

Meanwhile, Casey is putting the thumbscrews to Morgan and threatening to pluck out every single facial hair until Morgan coughs up the marlin.

Back in the interrogation room, Det. Conway excuses himself to take a call, leaving Chuck to Big Mike's tender mercies. Chuckling nefariously (according to the closed-captioning), Big Mike literally turns up the heat. He cranks the thermostat to 80 degrees and leaves.

After tricking thick-skulled Casey into getting him grape soda -- his "own personal kryptonite" -- Morgan spills the beans. He wanted Chuck's pre-release copy of the video game they were geeking out over earlier, so he stole Chuck's bag from his locker. Mind you, Morgan considers he the two of them to be "life partners," so it's really community property. In the flashback, Morgan arrives at Chuck's to play the video game and finds a "horrible" object in Chuck's bag (Awesome's ring, which Morgan thinks is Chuck's for Sarah) and stops. He can't go on, it's too awful. Casey suggests, "New tactic: you finish the story or I put your head through the wall." "Okay, someone wasn't hugged enough as a child," Morgan decides but does go on. Flashback, again. There he was, staring at "the most horrific object the world has ever seen." He screams the eternal, "NOOOOOO!" bringing Ellie in, so he despondently shows Ellie the ring. In the present, Morgan moroses that he and Ellie bonded over the fact that Chuck didn't include them in "this life decision." Close to exploding with a rainbow of violent growls and teeth, Casey demands to know what this has to do with the fish. Morgan doesn't care about the fish! Not when Chuck's getting married! Casey hisses.

Out in the main part of the Buy More, Pita Girl is perking about it being her 29th delivery, which Chuck connects with 29 placed bugs, disproving all my theories. Sigh. Morgan manages to escape from Casey, because "ooh, lunch!" Chuck then boosts himself through the ceiling of Big Mike's office, scrambles around to other ceilinged parts of the store, and watches Pita Girl eye Morgan as Casey recaptures Morgan for more questioning. Pita Girl now thinks Morgan is the Intersect. Dropping into a back hallway, Chuck pries off the grill of the same heating duct (not outlet, dammit!) Jeff and (mo)Lester were fiddling with earlier and finds a "Boobies! Boobies! Boobies!" DVD. Back in Big Mike's office, Chuck plays the DVD and sees Pita Girl planting a bug. He sends Sarah a quick email -- did you know that even mall food joints have their own web addresses? -- at and pockets the DVD. Big Mike returns to his office and continues with the whole interrogation thing. He pretends Chuck revealed all and calls in Casey. With Pita Girl listening in, Morgan tells Jeff and (mo)Lester that he hid the marlin in the Weinerlicious freezer.

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