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Chuck Versus The Marlin

There's a funny show bumper where Ryan McPartlin tells us and Zachary Levi that he's used to being Awesome because he studied Awesomeness at an Awesome Academy and was a lieutenant and a sergeant before he was Cpt. Awesome. I wonder if picket lines were crossed for these bumpers or if they were filmed and written long ago.

Bored at the Buy More, Jeff and (mo)Lester engage in a thumb war so awesome that they actually have a mini boxing ring through which they stick their thumbs. The rest of the employees bet until Casey angrily drags Jeff and (mo)Lester off to demand the marlin's whereabouts. After threatening various feet up Jeff's ass, Chuck and Casey explain they saw the theft on the cameras and won't tell Big Mike if they just come clean. Jeff and (mo)Lester zip their lips, so, doing what he does best, Casey gets all threatening. He draws the home theater curtains and tells Chuck to excuse them. Chuck slaps his hands in a clear, "I wash my hands of this" pantomime (awesome, I'm going to start doing that on a daily basis) and makes to leave. Jeff and (mo)Lester start talking, blaming each other. Chuck calms them down and gets the full, deep-fried sampler story. They were at Bennigan's, Jeff got cut off (again), so they decided to dip into Big Mike's private alcho-stash. Flashback: Cameras off, they have the store to themselves. Jeff wants to run around naked, but (mo)Lester pleads, "Don't make me uncomfortable to be around you." In Big Mike's office, the bottle, she is empty. Not wanting to "waste the mission," they decide to steal the marlin. Well, where's the marlin now, boys? (mo)Lester wants to be bribed and gets paid with an ear twist from Casey, so he squeals out that they took it to Chuck's. Chuck and Casey exchange looks as (mo)Lester whimpers, "I'm gonna need lotion."

Even though the supervisors promised 48 hours, they tell Sarah they've decided to extract Chuck immediately. Meanwhile, Chuck and Casey tear his place apart looking for the marlin. Ellie arrives home and pesters them with questions. For once, telling the truth isn't so bad, so they do: they're looking for a really big fish. Ellie rolls her eyes and points out, "Besides, if something really important were going on, you have plenty of people in your life that you can talk to." Chuck grabs Ellie in a tight hug and tells her how much he loves her, "Just in case." "Just in case of what?" Ellie wonders. Yeah, get out of that one, smart guy. "Uh, just in case I can't find the fish," Chuck babbles. Confusing, but true. Ellie now decides to tell them that Morgan came over last night and left with the marlin. Oy!

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