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Chuck Versus The Marlin

Jeff and (mo)Lester hiss back and forth guiltily about making a run for it. Chuck arrives and, after a strangely depressed Morgan gives him the news of the burglary, dashes for the break room to find the engagement ring missing. Of course, Cpt. Awesome phones him at this precise moment to jaw about how he's going to "pop the Q" to Ellie when they're skydiving. Chuck gasps and gabbles and tells Awesome it's a dangerous idea because he might drop the ring. Awesome agrees and hangs up to think of other options. Big Mike has all the employees lined up in the empty Buy More because a Detective Conway thinks the burglary was an inside job and everyone's a suspect. Chuck jumps into line and (mo)Lester continues to act guilty and Jeff continues to threaten his life if he cracks. Big Mike realizes Casey isn't there and sends Chuck off to find him. Chuck calls Casey and babbles about the Buy More heist and his sister's stolen ring, but Casey tells him to "save it for [his] coffee klatch" because they have more important problems, which, I'm sure, will eventually sync up with the Buy More heist.

Down at a hangar, the doors open to Chuck exposing the whole of the stolen Buy More inventory. Wow, that happened sooner than I expected. Because of the bug's origins, they had no choice but to plunder the Buy More in order to figure out who the FULCRUM agent is. Can we call it? Det. Conway? Before getting back to the Buy More and pretending like he knows absolutely nothing about no stolen goods, Chuck wants his sister's ring back. Casey makes a comment about Chuck never seeing his family again, but Sarah drags him off and tells him he can't just do it like that. Casey wonders why Sarah "always has to get [her] lady feelings in involved," but they're interrupted by another agent showing them a Buy More surveillance tape. It shows a drunk Jeff and (mo)Lester turning the security cameras back on -- after the FULCRUM agent turned them off -- and stumbling over boxes which scares off the FULCRUM agent before he or she can steal Big Mike's marlin (where the receiver's hidden), and then stealing the marlin themselves.

Sarah breaks the bad news to Chuck that no ring came up in their inventory. Ooh! Ooh! Maybe Cpt. Awesome is FULCRUM and the receiver is the ring! That's why he tasked Chuck with keeping it safe because he knew Chuck would never think the ring was safe unless it was within twenty feet of his person! He just staged the marlin heist to distract them! Yes! Maybe? After Chuck freaks out more about his sister's ring, Sarah carefully explains that Chuck might be full-time government property in less than a day. Or, as Casey sweetly puts it, "You'll be stored in an underground bunker for so long, you'll forget what fresh air smells like." He shrugs to Sarah, "See? That was gentle!"

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