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Chuck Versus The Marlin

After geeking out in some video game talk with Morgan, Chuck finds Awesome and continues their conversation. Awesome takes the long way around to asking for Chuck's permission to marry Ellie. Aw, it's sweet. He then whips out a red box and flashes a sizable piece of ice. Heh, they have a cheesy choral, "AHHHH!" to accompany the reveal. Momentarily distracted by the intense v-grade of the diamond, Chuck snaps to recover and quickly and repeatedly gives his permission. Next up, Awesome wants Chuck to hold onto the ring because if he keeps it in the apartment, "[Ellie] will smell diamond." And the countdown to hijinks involving Chuck's next case and losing the ring begins...NOW!

Casey growls over to Weinerlicious and shows Sarah the bug Chuck found. She looks at it and immediately realizes: they have a problem. A quick check-in with their duet of superiors reveals that the bug is a GLG-20 ,"one of the most advanced counter-espionage listening devices in the CIA arsenal." Hearing the bug's origins, Casey snorts, "Figures." The bug's specs keep it to a fairly small area, which means there's a receiver somewhere in the Buy More. Even worse, this particular bug is favored by the FULCRUM agents. To sum it up, the folks who kidnapped Bryce and almost found out about Chuck's Intersection awhile back are lurking somewhere in the Buy More, and Casey and Sarah have 48 hours to find both the receiver and the FULCRUM agent. As Chuck goes into the break room to happily hide the engagement ring, the superiors go on to Casey and Sarah that if they fail in their mission, they will have to relocate Chuck to a secure government facility, and his family will never see him again.

Next morning. As Big Mike walks through the Buy More into his office, he's reading a magazine and makes what can only be construed as a Britney- or Lindsay-aimed comment about ladies putting "some drawers" on if they don't want people looking at their "private business." So engrossed is he in said privates that Big Mike fails to notice that the Buy More has been stripped clean of all merchandise. His office is similarly bare, and there's a marlin-shaped clean spot on the (apparently) extremely dirty wall. What goes on in Big Mike's office to get the walls that stained? Big Mike reacts to the purloined marlin by falling backwards out of his chair. Whimpering, he finally groks the full extent of the heist. They got away with more than merchandise, too, the counters and display racks are also gone.

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