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Chuck Versus The Marlin

My only comment on the previous episode: In my dreams, Adam Baldwin would always speak Russian.

At the Buy More, Jeff and (mo)Lester skeeve out by adding the Pita Palace delivery girl's rack to their not-so-secret "Mammary Cam" DVD. Chuck comes over to finger-shake, but is interrupted mid-tsk by Cpt. Awesome. What's interesting is that in the last two episodes tonight, I feel like they've been trying really hard to remind us that Awesome's name is "Devon." Almost as if they plan on retiring the Cpt. Awesome moniker, which would be so NOT awesome. For instance, in this scene, Cpt. Awesome is there to talk to Chuck about Ellie and Chuck responds, " see you, Devon!" I mean, it's not like Cpt. Awesome doesn't know he's called "Cpt. Awesome," right? Even Ellie has called him that to his face, hasn't she? Am I obsessing? Probably, but it's been so long since I've had Chuck to obsess over that I'm just getting it all out. On the other hand, maybe they will retire the Awesome because Cpt. "Devon" Awesome's role is about to get much meatier. As yet, he's just sort of been background, however, my husband's pet theory is that Cpt. Awesome is actually going to turn out to be a secret agent for [insert any three-letter Intelligence Community (IC)]. I elaborate on that theory by saying that Awesome's cover will be blown to Chuck when Chuck's life as the Intersect is in jeopardy (again) and Cpt. Awesome will have to swoop in and save him. AND Awesome will outrank Sarah, Casey, General Beckman, and Director Graham. Finally, Chuck and Cpt. Awesome will then have two shared secrets to keep from Ellie, which presents the awkwardness so necessary in secret-agent shows.

Anyway, Awesome is there to talk to Chuck about Ellie, and he starts meandering on about how he thinks of Chuck as the little brother he never had. Puzzled, Chuck asks, "Don't you have two younger brothers?" "Indeed! Indeed," Awesome grins and goes on about needing "sage wisdom in confusing times." Meanwhile, Chuck's Intersected brain wanders to some device on the back of a rack and he flashes on Livermore, CA, Moscow, wind power, nuclear bomb, Foxboro, MA, and a football stadium. Ah, the Patriots play in Foxboro, and Patriots equal the Patriot Act, and the Patriot Act takes us to Homeland Security. Either that or Tom Brady is a spy and his new hair plugs are actually transmitters. ["I am more than willing to spread that rumor." -- Joe R] While Chuck flashes out, Awesome is still chuntering away. Chuck announces, "It's a bug," eliciting the appropriately jumpy reaction from Awesome. While Awesome is occupied by twitching around and grabbing at his neck, Chuck palms the bug and dashes off to find Casey in order to accuse him of trying to bug him again. (On his way to Casey, Chuck passes by Jeff and (mo)Lester messing about with an outlet and a screwdriver, which, hee!) While Chuck snaps at him to be more careful with his surveillance equipment, Casey examines the bug in a way that makes me think it wasn't he who placed it. However, he doesn't say anything and just tells Chuck to go fix a hard drive.

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