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"Hi, I'm Chuck!" Chuck says. Hi, I'm your substitute weecapper for the episode! How do you do? Not so well, according to the Previouslies: Agent Cole Barker is working for MI6 undercover with Fulcrum. He sits around without his shirt and flirts with Sarah. Chuck and Morgan decide to move in together, to Ellie's dismay. Barker stays mum when he Sarah, and Chuck are captured, earning Sarah's trust. Then he gets captured again just as he's headed out of town and Sarah and Chuck have to move in together for 24-hour protective detail.

Now: We cut to a Fulcrum hideout where Barker is chained up and being tortured by baddies, one of whom bears a passing resemblance to Nestor Carbonell. Speaking of names, Not Nestor asks Barker for his name and Barker, possibly having read last week's Weecap, says he's "Bond, James Bond." We'll just keep calling him that, too. Not Nestor is not amused, though, and beats him up some more. He also wants to know how much the CIA knows about "Perseus." When Bond doesn't answer, a bald thug moves to hit him, and Bond's all, "Okay, not the face." Seriously. Not Nestor then asks, "Who's the Intersect?" Bond doesn't answer, so he gets beat up yet again.

Chuck's in his bedroom at Ellie & Awesome's place, suffering through his own torture at the moment, wide awake in bed as Sarah sleeps beside him. The alarm goes off and she unknowingly tortures him some more by chipperly hopping out of bed in her little pink undies, which Chuck tries very hard not to ogle. She jokes Chuck is lucky: "At least you didn't have to move in with Casey!" Chuck laughs nervously and it seems like he'd consider himself lucky to be dropped into a vat of piranhas at the moment. Sarah goes off to shower, leaving Chuck still immobile in his bed. Post-shower, Sarah brushes her teeth with Chuck in the bathroom and it's all very couple-y and domestic, except it's not, which makes Chuck contemplative. He asks her about her "connection" with Bond, and she assures him that it was "purely professional." Chuck doesn't seem entirely reassured.

Ellie excitedly greets Sarah and Chuck as they join her and Devin for breakfast. She gives them a hug and makes sure the two are still planning to move in together, not that she's trying to rush them. Devin's real estate advice, delivered with a suggestive wink: "You two love birds need to find a nest where you can let the worm wiggle free." Ellie tries to get Sarah to convince Chuck that not everything needs to move with them, specifically the Tron poster that he's had since he was 12. Chuck pointedly reminds Ellie that Dad gave him the poster. Ellie wants to know if Chuck's found Dad's address for the wedding, but he hasn't yet. We also find out Chuck hasn't told Morgan about the change in moving plans.

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