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A few things Chuck wants us to know: Chuck and Ellie opened up to each other, and Ellie filled everyone in on Agent X, who turned out to be Alexei Volkoff. His daughter Vivian started working on a DNA-driven weapon called the Norseman. Now: Mary Bartowski hangs above a bunch of liquid tubes, trying to steal them, when a scientist leads Vivian and Riley in. Mary pulls herself up above the room just in time, but doesn't get the liquid tubes. The scientist apologizes for taking so long to assemble the Norseman (the liquid tubes), but he's ready to show them how it works. Vivian thinks whoever's been trying to sabotage them won't find their way down into this crazy cave they're in. Mary hangs above them, listening. To test out the Norseman, they apparently input the scientist's DNA. When they turn on the weapon, he covers his ears and bleeds from the nose, then falls over dead. Vivian winces a little, then Riley lectures her about how she should really start killing people herself to spread fear. They leave the room, and Mary drops down into the room. But Vivian, Riley, and some henchmen come in and Riley tells Vivian this is the woman who betrayed her father for twenty years. "Frost, welcome back." Only it's not really a warm welcome.

It's morning in Burbank. Chuck and Sarah are in bed, waking up. She asks him if he knows what today is, and he guesses a bunch of CIA stuff. But she tells him this is a day off and will be all about them and their wedding. She's sorry her bridesmaids couldn't help more, but "that coup is taking longer than expected." He says it's okay, since Awesome, Ellie, and Morgan have taken over everything. But he tells her he still has to do that one thing she doesn't know about "because I'm adorable." He says this in his supposedly adorable voice, which Sarah seems to love but which makes me cringe. Sarah tells him everything is perfect, and nothing can go wrong. He sits up in bed, all "You did NOT just say that." Then a loud crash comes from the courtyard and Morgan screams for help. Chuck asks Sarah why she'd ever say that; hasn't she ever seen a movie? She eagerly tells him she finally saw Mannequin. So, you know, only about twenty-four years before she sees this year's movies.

In the courtyard, Morgan's wrapped in twinkle lights and hanging from a second-story window. Awesome and Ellie are trying to figure out how to help him when Chuck and Sarah come out. Chuck flashes and does some crazy flips and jumps to rescue Morgan then get back down to the courtyard. Awesome can't believe Chuck doesn't do any core work considering how amazing he is at gymnastics. Ellie's had enough of the small talk, though, so she sends Chuck and Sarah back inside and tells Morgan this doesn't get him out of putting up twinkle lights, because this place has to be magical. Magical! She Bridesmaidzillas about it enough that Awesome tells her she's a little scary right now.

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