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Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami

In Finland, some large crates are being crane-loaded in somewhere, and there's a bomb in one of them. Or it looks like there's a bomb, at least, by the digital timer that's ticking down just under seventy-three hours to go.

At Buy More, Morgan wants to have a food and Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare evening with Chuck, but Chuck has plans, although not with Sarah. Chuck takes great pleasure in telling Morgan that he broke up with Sarah because she's not the right girl. Sarah then comes in and beckons for Chuck to join her for a conversation; while he obliges, the male nerds make it clear that the notion of a willing girl that doesn't qualify as a "right girl" makes no sense to them. I don't know how you're single, boys -- any girl would beat a path to your door once she knew that a pair of boobs is all you're looking for.

In the TV room, Sarah is telling Chuck that she's sorry if he thought there was something between them, but that kind of misconception is very common in their type of situation. Chuck is unmoved, so Sarah tells him if he's serious about their fake-breakup, she's going to have to for-real sell it. She turns on the waterworks, although to me, it just looks like she's having an allergy attack. Not that those can't be highly unpleasant. Chuck kind of doesn't get it here, but Sarah marches out tearily past Lester and Jeff, who fist-bop each other over Chuck's seeming love-'em-and-leave-'em ways; Lester then rushes over and asks if Chuck minds if he takes a crack at Sarah. Chuck's too nice to do anything but tell Lester to knock himself out, and then Morgan runs up and is thrilled to learn Chuck has another date already, and asks with whom. Chuck says that it's just with a deli owner, and Morgan responds, "Wait a minute. A pro?" Heh.

A closeup of the deli counter gives way to Lou asking who ordered the sandwich she's holding; she then sees Chuck and they wave adorably at each other. Summer Roberts was one of my favorite characters ever, so I'm just tickled pink about this cast...

...but the NSA general is less so, as she's telling Sarah and Casey she doesn't like the idea of Sarah and Chuck's breakup at all. Casey gloats that Sarah got dumped, and Sarah explains that "they" decided it would be best for Chuck to date a civilian. "It will help secure his cover in the event that someone IDs me." Casey: "Yeah, because she got dumped." Hee. I'll tell you that this is actually not my favorite episode -- too flat and predictable in a lot of spots -- but Casey is absolutely on fire tonight. The general thinks it's suspicious that someone up and started dating "the asset," and Sarah has to pipe up that he's a "reasonably charming guy." No argument here, probably because no argument is possible. The general wants to know everything there is to know about Lou "before she gets too close."

Predictable cut to Lou and Chuck making out in his car. I will say, though, that if she's un-self-conscious enough that she's willing to go for it in a vehicle with "NERD HERD" emblazoned on it, she gets points in an already-full plus column. Chuck finally has to put down the window to clear the steamy air, and I know I'm supposed to be rooting for Chuck and Sarah to get together, and I kind of am, but I'm sorry, as long as Rachel Bilson sticks around, she totally rules my heart. Lou says she doesn't usually do this, but would Chuck like to come inside? Oh, he would, and she says she's about to make him a very happy man...

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