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Chuck Versus The Helicopter

Chuck starts off by VO-ing an explanation of some basic stuff that happened last week, and then we get a quick re-introduction of the most main characters. We also get a re-introduction to Chuck's Cons, which are apparently sticking around, much to my delight. First there's a sequence that feels just the tiniest bit ham-fisted -- apparently LargeMart, which I think I mentioned is a competitor of Buy More, managed to set up a table in the Buy More store, with one of the UnderNerds' help? Or at least tacit approval? I think? So the asshole Asian guy berates Chuck, and then Morgan attempts to save the day by "magically" pulling the LargeMart tablecloth off the table without disturbing the stuff on it. Let's just say Morgan is no Doug Henning, which is too bad, because there are times I'm finding myself wishing he'd disappear. After exposition about Bryce we already know, there's an amusing sequence with Casey chasing down a shoplifter, catching him in a flying tackle and almost going medieval on his ass before Chuck stops him. Also, Sarah is working at some nearby fast-food place called "Wienerlicious," which is fine, and posing as Chuck's girlfriend, which is better, at least from the hot geek's point of view. However, his excitement at her proximity gives way to his whole anxiety about the secrets in his brain that have caused a target to appear on his back, so she reassures him that they have a plan -- "Jonas Zarnow," who we'll learn is the NSA's top scientist, is coming to town that night to help Chuck. Elie, ever-supportive and succeeding in making memories of Madison even more ephemeral, helps Chuck get ready, and then gets pissed when she hears Morgan already has met Sarah. Morgan skeeves that Chuck tells him his secrets, and she could too. Elie: "Here's one. I loathe you." Chuck: "That's...not a secret." Hee. Elie orders Chuck to invite Sarah over for dinner the next night, and almost zaps Morgan into dust with her eyes on the way out.

Female red-haired NSA general from last week: "Our most valuable secrets have been sent to an idiot." Tony Todd: "Well, at least they weren't sent to his friend." HA! Tony Todd, if you want a good meal, I think there's a place for you at Elie's table. Tony Todd and the general are monitoring the two of them on a surveillance camera, and it seems that Chuck is holding up the red LargeMart tablecloth for Morgan, who paws the ground and charges it like a bull. It's just too bad Chuck doesn't pull a Bugs Bunny and hold it in front of an anvil. They express their hope that Zarnow can fix the Chuck situation...

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