Chuck Versus the Hack-Off

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Angel Cohn: C- | 1 USERS: A+
What a Hack

Another mediocre installment to help wind down this subpar final season. There were some glimmers of a show I used to love in here, but by and large, it has turned into a weirdly sappy, cheesy muddled mess with some occasional pistol-whipping thrown in for good measure.

Lester and Casey are still in jail, and while Lester has become extremely popular because of his ability to wire the place with internet and cable access, Casey isn't doing as well. Unless you count the fact that he's getting conjugal visits from Verbanski. He doesn't want to break out and become a fugitive, and Lester decides to stay in jail instead of promising never to poison his best friend again.

In order to get Lester to come to his senses, Morgan and Jeff hire Abed from Community to come in as his replacement, which does the trick. This superior substitute, who is Canadian and can sing, makes Lester very jealous. I'm just hoping that actor Danny Pudi got more than an iPad for showing up here, because his talents were underutilized… to say the very least.

To help out Casey, Verbanski joins Chuck and Sarah for their mission because Casey feels that the two will get killed without adult supervision. He is not wrong. The spy game newlyweds have been abducted by Decker and tasked with finding some computer virus that will take down all of the world's databases. If I end up losing my iTunes, I know that I have the most unconvincing villain in the history of this show to blame for it. Anyway, the trade-off is that he will spring Casey from jail, and Chuck and Sarah are stupid enough to believe that this is actually going to happen.

Chuck and Sarah end up at a nudist colony, and I guess we're supposed to be shocked or excited by all of the pixilated skin being shown, but I'm not. Just sort of hoping that Verbanski might miss her target with the sniper rifle and shoot me instead, so I can stop watching. They find the guy who created the virus there and chase him through the woods. He swallows the pill and there's some fun scatological humor about getting the chip out of him. Or not. Mostly not.

Then Chuck has to go do some computer hacking, with his trusty bottle of Chardonnay, in order to get the piece that will somehow turn this chip into the deadly virus and cause worldwide chaos. And Sarah is somehow turned on by Chuck in his nerdy mode, but not excited about the idea that Chuck doesn't want to be a spy for the rest of his life. These are conversations maybe you should have had before you got married.

They fight some bad guys, get the chip, and give it to Decker… without waiting for him to free Casey because they are morons who have apparently never heard of leverage. Or seen any kind of movie, even Swordfish (which gets referenced here), and find out that Decker is going to use the virus to frame Chuck and Sarah for the database destruction. Thankfully, Verbanski is there, and she steals back the device and puts a bomb on Decker, so I never have to see his ridiculous mugging for the camera again.

In the end, Morgan and Verbanski break Casey out of jail, though Verbanski has to go on the run, putting an end to her romance with Casey for now. And Chuck and Sarah realize that they have to keep being spies in order to figure out why they were being framed.





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