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It's a Thanksgiving Miracle
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Previously: Chuck loved Jill again. Sarah told Jill not to hurt him. Jill said she wouldn't. Then we (along with Sarah and Casey) found out she was a Fulcrum agent as she threw Chuck down on his bed.

And now, or actually in a flashback: Chuck and Jill are on a ferris wheel in 2002. Chuck's terrified for a couple of reasons: He bribed the carney to stop it with them on top, but he's afraid of heights. He was going for romantic, and he asks Jill to be his girlfriend. I think her kiss means yes. Either that, or she just really wants him to stop talking.

Back in the present, Agent Redhead is disgusted that Sarah and Casey would let a Fulcrum agent get away with Chuck. Casey says by the time the LeFleur list revealed that Jill was an agent, Chuck and Jill were long gone. Sarah adds that his cell is off and he left the GPS watch in his bedroom. Agent Redhead doesn't care; she just wants him found. When she goes away, Casey tells Sarah that if Fulcrum knows he's the Intersect, it's too late and he's as good as dead. Sarah says Jill doesn't know. Casey wonders what Fulcrum's doing to him if not torturing him.

And we cut to Jill and Chuck getting it on. His phone rings, and he knows he's going to get yelled at, but he ignores it. Jill goes to take a shower, and Chuck looks at his "14 New Messages" with more than a little fear. Then Jill's phone buzzes. Chuck tells her it's buzzing, but also looks at it. The text message from "MOM (M)" says, "Have you heard from Uncle Tobias ? -- Mom" Chuck immediately flashes on a bunch of letters in the text that unscramble to say "Meet Leader Urgent." I don't think there are enough e's in the original text to unscramble to that, though, so maybe it wasn't unscrambling that Chuck's brain was doing. He realizes immediately what the flash means, though, and tells himself this can't be happening. He tells Jill he's a little parched because of last night and then asks if she wants coffee.

He takes off running out of the room, and is quickly snatched and thrown into a massage chair by Casey and Sarah, posing as spa workers at the hotel. Casey calls Chuck a "sad-sack bleeding-heart idiot" and Sarah tells him never to do that again. He starts to tell them about Jill, but they say they know. Chuck tries to tell them this must be a mistake because he's known her for eight years and they had this amazing night. He says she's not a spy and has no Fulcrum code name. Casey tells him her code name is Sand Storm, and sure enough, hearing that makes Chuck flash on "Jill Roberts." But they tell him he has to go back in there so that Jill won't know that they know. Chuck thinks it's a bad idea for the Intersect to hang out with the people who want it. They give him coffee and he heads back in. By the time he goes back, Jill's read her text, but she still has time for nervous coffee and doesn't notice (or pretends not to notice) how ridiculously, obviously nervous Chuck is.

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