Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

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'What the Hell Is Wrong With Him?'
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Chuck doesn't offer us a few things we might need to know this week. Instead, he says, "Hi, I'm Chuck, and here's what's been going on in my life lately." Verbanski is the competition. Morgan is the (annoying as hell) Intersect. Chuck is his handler. And it's not going well. In fact, Morgan offered himself and the Intersect up to Verbanski. Now: Casey and Sarah are on a mission. She's in the van, leading him on his way. It seems very serious and important, but it's ultimately just a way for him to meet Gertrude Verbanski. It's adorable, though, because Sarah keeps calling it "Intercept." And once he "accidentally bumps into" her, Sarah gives him information on Gertrude's favorite restaurant around the corner, and coaches him to ask her out. But he doesn't. Instead, he makes awkward small-talk, and then pats her even more awkwardly on the shoulder, and leaves. When Sarah wonders why he froze up, he informs her he planted a bug on her that piggy-backs off her cell phones Wi-Fi. Sarah thinks this is a weird move, but he asks her to just do him a favor and not tell Chuck or Morgan. Her lips are sealed.

Chuck and Morgan are in the Nerd Herd car in a parking garage. Morgan's playing Words With Friends, and apparently using the Intersect to do so. He starts pouting about how Chuck's using the world's greatest supercomputer to sit in a parking garage and wait. Chuck tells him he's starting to act like seventh-grade Morgan. Then someone pulls up, and Chuck gets out. It's General Redhead, who wants nothing to do with catch-up time. Instead, she wants him and his team to track down a guy named Mats Zorn, who runs a site that makes Wikileaks look like child's play. There's a reward for getting him and the documents he has, but she asks that no one breathe her name in association with it. Morgan peeks out of the Nerd Herd car and starts honking at her and commenting on how she's obviously been working out. She asks Chuck what's wrong with him, and Chuck says, "So many things." I feel that the point of this season so far has been to make us hate Morgan. (And sort of the show, too.) And it's working.

When Chuck arrives back at the apartment, Alex is waiting for Morgan in the courtyard. Chuck says he just dropped him off at Buy More, and he said he had a hot date. Alex gets teary-eyed, and asks Chuck if he'd tell him if Morgan were seeing someone else. He says he would, but doesn't think that's what's going on; Morgan's just going through a lot right now. He heads into Casey's apartment, and tells Sarah he locked up the driver General Redhead gave him with all the information about Zorn in Castle (you know, the place that everyone knows is there because they are terrible spies). He tells Sarah that Morgan went AWOL after her tried to have a heart to heart with him about being a total jackasshole. Then Chuck notices that Casey's surveilling someone, and when he realizes it's Verbanski, Casey tries to explain it away as business, but Chuck's all, "Perving out on Gertrude?" And Sarah's like, "Told you." Hee. Anyway, good thing Casey's a creeper because they see Morgan meet up with Gertrude and accept a job working for her. Casey seethes about the little traitor. And I just wonder what happened to the show I used to love. At least we still have Cake.

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