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Everything Changes
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Previously, Jill tried to kill Sarah, so Chuck arrested her. Chuck's dad came back, but then he left again -- because he's Orion and Fulcrum kidnapped him. He's building a new intersect for them. So Chuck wants to get him back.

Sarah brings Chuck some "fro-yo" called Obama Guava. She says she didn't make up the name, yet she did just call it "fro-yo." He would rather not have frozen yogurt until the government finds his dad. Sarah promises they're going to find his father, and he says he trusts her. Though he does hesitate after she asks, so maybe he doesn't totally trust her. Cut to Morgan asking Chuck what's so bad about his life, anyway: His dad's back, he's dating Sarah, and he's best friends with Morgan. He tells Chuck he's "king of the world." Big Mike lines them all up so Buster can make an announcement. Buster tells them a Buy More corporate evaluator will be there to evaluate him. He normally would expect the gang to blow this for him, but he threatens that tech jobs are being shipped to India, so they should get ready to work fast food. Lester says he can't work fast food, because he keeps kosher. Jeff says he's in for the trip to India, because he's always wanted to see Lester in his native environment. Buster asks them to show corporate this is a great Buy More, then he insults Lester, Anna, and Jeff.

Casey grabs Chuck to let him know there's an update from General Redhead, and they leave. The rest of the gang huddles in the screening room. Lester tells Morgan that the two of them are the brains of the operation, so they should come up with something. Morgan says Buster's threat was a ruse to get them to work hard. He asked them to behave because he knew they'd misbehave. So Buster would know that they would know that he would do this, so they need to behave. Jeff's all, "Okay. So we need to behave." Morgan says to pay attention: It's the exact opposite. He goes into a long spiel about how he knows they know he knows they know. It makes no sense, but Lester's all, "Yes! We are geniuses." Someone asks what they're doing again, then, and Morgan says, "Let Rome burn." Unfortunately, Buster caught the whole thing on video. He slurps a faux Jamba and sings the wonders of technology.

At Castle, General Redhead says they still haven't found Chuck's dad. Chuck says that's not an update, and is not good enough. Casey warns Chuck to watch how he's talking to a U.S. general. Chuck says he's spent a year being tortured, dangled off skyscrapers, and everything they've asked him to do and now that his dad's kidnapped all they can say is "Sorry." General Redhead says she can understand Chuck's disappointment, but he thinks she doesn't or they would have found his dad by now. He says they could talk to captured Fulcrum agents, but Casey says Fulcrum agents don't talk ever since the new administration discontinued waterboarding. Sarah says they wouldn't be able to trust the agents anyway. Chuck says he's willing to do anything, by any means necessary, and asks what if he could get a Fulcrum agent to talk. Chuck enters a prison as we hear a voiceover of Sarah asking if he's 100 percent sure he wants to go through with this. He says more like 35 or 40 percent, actually, but there's no other choice. He's led to a cell, and it's opened to reveal Jill. They say "hello," but it's not exactly warm.

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