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Volkoff. Alexei Volkoff.
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Here are a few things Chuck would like us to know: Morgan was Casey's bad-guy magnet. Casey realized Chuck's mom, Frost, was a big fat liar. Chuck set up a meeting with his mom and Ellie, but Sarah kidnapped her. Then Chuck told Ellie their mom's a spy. Indeed, in this episode, Frost is looking very much like a spy in her cell at Castle. General Redhead monitor-speaks to Casey and Chuck that they were right: Frost stopped being CIA twenty years ago and works only for Volkoff, and they did the right thing. She says the next step is to transport Frost, but it won't happen until the next day, so they'll have to keep Chuck away from her. Sarah assures her they will. Which we all know means they won't. General Redhead asks how Chuck is handling all of this, and Casey lies that he's fine. Calm, even. Cut to Chuck yelling: "Calm?! How can I stay calm?" Then he asks Sarah why she'd go behind his back instead of trusting him. He asks how that was, and Morgan says it was passionate, but he wouldn't use the F-word. Which he didn't, since this is network TV, but Morgan thought he heard it. Morgan asks if Sarah didn't have proof that Frost was working with Volkoff, so Chuck asks whose side he's on. He says this is their first fight, and Morgan hears it, since a couple's first fight sets the tone for future arguments. He would know. He's going through it right now ... with his girlfriend's dad. So he's taking some time away from Casey to let it cool off and thinks Chuck should do the same with Sarah. They look at a super-old ancient computer in the Orion basement that only takes triangle-shaped disks. Morgan wonders if Bakula might have left something for Ellie, too.

Cut to Ellie asking what he would have left her, and Chuck says he'd like answers. Ellie hasn't seen any ads in the classifieds since their dad died, and since they can't waltz right into a CIA base and ask their mom, she guesses they won't get answers. So, first Chuck's too dumb to think to ask Ellie without a nudge from Morgan, then he's too dumb to think to talk to his mom without a nudge from Ellie? He's losing his touch. But now he knows what to do, so he heads to Castle, commenting to Casey on all the new employees in an awkward attempt to not seem awkward, I guess. Casey just heads to look at guns, though, so Chuck sneaks toward his mom's cell. Sarah's trying to sneak into their apartment to talk to Chuck, but Morgan's hiding behind the door to talk relationship stuff with her. He tells her that their relationship is in crisis, but that both he and Ellie think she was just looking out for him. Sarah's a little disappointed Chuck talked to Morgan and Ellie but not her. She wants to talk to him and asks where he is.

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