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Aw Shucks, Chucks

Yay! Chuck is back! Remember last season? Yeah, it was a long time ago. Let's take a trip down memory lane...Wait. This season isn't opening with a gentle stroll reminding us what happened previously. Nope. There is just our poor antagonist being dangled off a building by a Michael Clarke Duncan look-alike. Oh, wait. That is Michael Clarke Duncan. And why shouldn't it be Michael Clarke Duncan. What else does he have to do? And this is quality primetime television. Good on ya, Michael Clarke Duncan! Chuck shouts out, "I have the Cipher!" Michael Clarke Duncan pulls Chuck up by the corporate-issued Buy More tie to discuss terms. He demands that Chuck tell him who he is. Chuck mumbles, "Chuck." Michael Clarke Duncan insists that Chuck tell him everything. Chuck voiceovers that there is no way that Michael Clarke Duncan is going to believe him. I mean who would believe that the government would put all their secrets into a supercomputer called The Intersect and, ah, here's our turnoff to Memory Lane, all the secrets got downloaded into his mop-headed brain. Can a brain be mop-headed? Today it can. Chuck tells Michael Clarke Duncan that he may not look like it, but he is the single most important information asset in the entire world. Michael Clarke Duncan is impressed. Impressed with the colossal stupidity of such a tale. Luckily, Sarah and Casey bust down the door to back up his story. Michael Clarke Duncan jumps out the window as Sarah chastises Chuck for not staying in the car. Chuck and the entire viewing audience from last season remind Sarah that it's not safe in the car. Casey is just glad that Chuck got the cipher.

Back at HQ, which is currently housed in Casey's apartment, Gen. Candyman and General Redhead thank the team for getting the Cipher back since it turns out to be the brain for the new Intersect. New Intersect? Chuck looks freaked. Gen. Candyman tells him that once the new Intersect is up and running, Operation Chuck is over and Chuck can go back to his normal life. Chuck gets squirrelly and leaves the apartment with Sarah trailing after him. She asks if he is okay and he is. He really is. He is ready to get on with his life. Sarah gets all mushy and sentimental and tells him that he could do anything he wanted and get anything he wants. Aw she's just toying with him now. Chuck looks googly-eyed. Meanwhile, Casey is receiving a private message from General Redhead. She points out the obvious fact that they can't have an Intersect walking the streets of Los Angeles. Don't worry, General, no one walks in L.A. Casey thinks there maybe a different exit strategy, but General Redhead is clear: Tomorrow Casey must terminate Chuck. Wacky hijinks sure to ensue!

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