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Before we get started on this episode, I must take a moment to point out -- as if anyone reading this doesn't know -- that Zachary Levi was at the Oscars. Not only that, he sang at the Oscars. With Mandy Moore. How very weird. And how much does this have me thinking, "Musical episode?" A lot. I know, I know. It's been done before, and before that, of course. But still. Let's do it, Schwartz. Anyway, now for the episode. But first, here's some stuff Chuck wants us to know: Vivian showed up; she's Volkoff's daughter. She's not bad, though. Yet. She did user her necklace key to open... something. Oh, and she's Bella from Supernatural, looking even cuter than ever with an adorable, layered sort-of bob.

We pick up right at the end of last week's, with Vivian staring at that blue light in her father's office. We see what she's looking at: A clear card the size and shape of a credit card with a string of numbers on it (4815162342, for those keeping track at home). She pulls the card out of its stand, triggering some sort of alarm, judging by the flashing red light on the back. Which explains why, as she sits there staring at the card, the Devil walks in. Okay, it's Ray Wise, but he once played the Devil and is coming close again here. Anyway, he's Volkoff's lawyer, Riley, with a letter for Vivian. Riley starts to read it in a weird impersonation of Volkoff until she stops him and asks that he please not do that. The letter says Volkoff would give up everything to spend more time with Vivian. She's not buying it, and firmly replies "no" when he tells her she's to take over Volkoff Industries. So Riley pulls a gun on her, which is perhaps a test, which she seems to pass by grabbing Riley's hand and stabbing a letter opener through it. She grabs the clear credit card and runs out. Okay, Vivian is officially badass.

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