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The Easy Way Out
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Previously: Chuck wants to remind us that he ran into Jill, and Ellie thought dating her again was a bad idea. Jill asked Chuck if his cover girlfriend would be jealous and he made out with her. We also met her boss, Gui LaFleur, who was supposedly producing a bioweapon (or an antidote), but was killed by an assassin, whom Sarah then killed. Agent Redhead wants to keep Jill around because if she knows anything, Fulcrum might come for her.

Now, Chuck's running up some stairs, acting like a spy, spraying stuff into surveillance cameras to make them blind for 20 seconds. Someone is following him. He gets to the top of the stairs and opens the door. He and Jill are on the roof of the Buy More for a picnic. He just wants to have some alone time with her without being watched by Casey and Sarah. Jill can't wrap her head around Chuck being a spy; he'd just like to soak up this beautiful view of the top of the Buy More. It's mainly a beautiful view because the government isn't watching, Chuck confesses. Who said romance isn't dead? Chuck and Jill kiss, and then he realizes there's a camera on the roof that's turning itself toward him right now. He gets up and runs over to it, yelling "Give me a break!" and "Are you kidding me?" Back at the Orange Orange Super Secret Lair, Casey's watching it on camera. Sarah thinks it's unnecessary, because he can't get into trouble on a date. Casey thinks Sarah's not making a big deal about her "supercomputer boyfriend trying to browse someone else's network," so Sarah says Chuck is entitled to a real girlfriend. The best part of this is that the whole time Casey and Sarah talk, Chuck's yelling at the camera, but we can't really make out what he's saying. It's very cute, though. Tiny yelly people who you can't understand usually are.

Agent Redhead pops up on the screen and tells Casey and Sarah she has their new mission: break into Gui's hotel room and look for a list he had of the Fulcrum CIA operatives. They are supposed to take Chuck in to the crime scene without the FBI knowing (so no one from Fulcrum is alerted) and see if he flashes on anything that might lead them to the list. Casey doesn't think it will be that hard to break into a controlled crime scene, given it's only the FBI. I love his government agency hierarchy humor, even though it really means nothing to me. Somehow Adam Baldwin totally sells it. Sarah sees Chuck on another camera as he walks into the Orange Orange, and she says she'll handle it.

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