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A few things Chuck would like us to know: It appears Vivian Volkoff is trying to kill Chuck because he took down her dad. Ellie's digging into her dad's computer; Chuck thought Awesome swapped out the hard drive, but he didn't. Now: Ellie tells her mom she's just fine, but Mary reminds her she's a trained spy so she knows that's not the truth. Ellie doesn't hesitate to pull out her dad's computer -- which Mary recognizes instantly. Ellie says she had a major breakthrough a couple days ago and found thousands of pages referencing an Agent X. She says she isn't that far into them, but there are references to Mary and Bakula, and this Agent X. Then she tells her mom about the Intersect, and wonders if her dad ever had it up and running with Agent X. Mary feigns ignorance about all of it, and asks if Chuck knows. Ellie doesn't want to involve him. These siblings are so frustratingly secretive/protective of each other. Makes for infuriating television. Ellie gets up to give Clara a bottle, and Mary talks to her husband in his grave: "Stephen, what did you do?"

Chuck's eating breakfast and reading Game of Thrones when Sarah casually presents him with a prenuptial agreement. He panics a little: "Prenup?!" But she nonchalantly tells him where to sign and date. He pretends he hasn't showered so tells her to leave without him, then he heads to Morgan and Casey's to share it with them. The entire time Chuck talks to them, they're breakfasting in unison. Pouring juice together, drinking it together, eating together, using napkins together. There's even an adorably naggy moment in which Morgan tells Casey to take smaller bites, and Casey snaps, "Don't henpeck!" I love that they still live together even though the secret Morgan was keeping is now out of the bag. Casey and Morgan tell Chuck to be cool, that spies have secrets, so he should just sign the papers. Chuck leaves before he's scarred for life by Casey and Morgan's domestic bliss. When he leaves, Morgan goes through their mail and finds an invite-shaped envelope from Alex. Morgan tries to pretend it's a love letter, but Casey knows better so Morgan confesses it's a graduation invitation and that Alex really wanted to invite him, but she just can't because her mom thinks he's dead. Don't you just hate it when you really want to go to a party, but someone there thinks you're dead? Casey gets a text from General Redhead calling him into the office.

Castle. General Redhead fills in Chuck, Sarah and Casey: Because the bombs planted recently in Castle, which killed two people, were made from parts owned by Volkoff, there's a kill order for Vivian. Chuck can't believe she'd want to kill him, and Sarah offers the suggestion that it's someone rogue inside the Volkoff organization. General Redhead agrees to arrange a meet, but she'll have Casey on sniper duty, ready to take her down the moment she's hostile. General Redhead shuts off, and Casey tells Chuck he can't believe he'd trust Vivian; after all, she's a Volkoff. Sarah tells Chuck not to let Casey get to him, then makes sweet eyes at him and offers to talk about the prenup. But Chuck, trying out this new "cool" thing, tells her that it's "cool" and signed, and tosses it down. She looks a little disappointed at his nonreaction.

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