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Daddy's Girl
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We're in Butte, Montana, in 1990 and a cute little blonde-haired girl is pedaling a pink bicycle down the road. Is this the right show? Then some guys close the back of an armored truck. She continues cycling and ends up right in front of the truck as it starts to move. She screams, and the drivers ask someone to call 911. Right then a moustached Gary Cole shows up and says he's a doctor. He asks where her parents are, but then says he'll take her to the hospital. And everyone just lets him. Which is odd. Who would let any man, even one claiming to be a doctor, take a little girl he'd never met away from a crime scene? In the car, though, we quickly realize he's not shady or anything (at least not in that way). He's her dad. She tells him getting hit really hurt. She thinks he sprained her wrist. He tells her (as he removes his fake moustache) she can choose: hospital or rocky road ice cream. She chooses ice cream, then asks how much they got. He just holds up some bills and shows them to her.

Then we're in the present, where Sarah's counting out change at the Orange Orange. Chuck walks in and asks if it's been a long day. She tells him it's actually been a boring day. Chuck offers her some excitement: a date tonight with Awesome and Ellie. He promises fake cuddling, but real pizza. She tells him she has personal plans, and she won't tell him what they are. Chuck leaves and goes immediately to Casey at the Buy More and asks if he's excited for the mission tonight. Casey says there is no mission; Sarah's taking a personal day. And yes, he does know what she's doing, but no he is not telling Chuck. It's personal.

Speaking of personal, Morgan's closing the curtains in the Buy More screening room so he and Anna (she's alive! And not in spy training!) can have some privacy. Anna is sick of hooking up at work, but Morgan reminds her that his mom's always home and she has three roommates. So she pulls a brochure out of her pocket for the Buena Burbank Apartments, where they have really cute one-bedrooms. Morgan says he can't afford it, but she says they can together. Morgan freaks out and says that's a very big step, and isn't something they should rush into. Then he points out how great the screening room is, with the big plasma TV, comfy couches, and free coffee. He says they're living the dream, but she doesn't agree.

Morgan approaches Chuck and asks if he ever wonders if he's not man enough to hang on to his woman. Chuck ignores this and says he needs a Nerd Herder. Lester overhears and says that won't be possible, because Buster apparently found Jeff's underwear in the back seat of one of them and so is having them all reupholstered. I'd normally say that's crazy, but these are Jeff's underwear, so I can't really blame Buster for the excess. Chuck has to borrow Morgan's bike, but won't tell him why. Just: "It's personal."

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