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Chuck Versus The Crown Vic

Ooh, last one of the year. Let's get to it. Oh, but before I do, it may be cold comfort, but congrats on the full-season order, show!

So last time, there was an uber-cliffhanger about whether Sarah would go off with Bryce...except not, because even if you grant that they might have written her off the show, they showed her in the "Next Week On" segment. Seems like kind of a waste. Anyway, we open at the Buy More, where, over a slow hip-hop song about pimp juice, there's a slo-mo montage of the employees looking like they're doing some high-stakes gambling...only they're playing dreidl. Hee. Apparently, Lester is Jewish, and he's the ringleader here as he hits a gimmel and wins the whole pot. (I got to play dreidl with my Jewish neighbors when I was a kid, with chocolate coins as stakes. Awesome benefit of growing up in New York.) Chuck, however, isn't participating, as he's noticeably looking at the empty space where Sarah's car should be. Casey observes this and joins him, and takes great relish in rubbing Sarah's absence in and taunting Chuck about the possibility that she's taken off to join Bryce. "Don't worry. I hear there's a great selection of new handlers in this year's CIA Christmas catalogue." Hee. Casey leaves, and then Morgan comes up and complains that Anna is cheating on him -- he spied on her the night before, and she got picked up the night before and didn't return for almost three and a half hours. Lester and Jeff are next on Chuck's dance card, as they have a job called in from Marina del Rey, but Chuck has to come with them, as it's apparently a store rule that the jester-hat-sporting Jeff isn't to be left unsupervised around the holidays. Jeff, looking half in the bag already, waves a silver Thermos at Chuck and asks if he wants to try his eggnog. Lester waves a cautionary finger, and Chuck's like, "No." Hee. I like Lester quite a bit. I feel like he's what they should have been going for with Morgan, but he and Jeff together are pretty hilarious. After some insinuation of lesbianism on Anna's part, Lester says this is why he doesn't have a woman. Jeff: "Bitches ain't nothin' but tricks and hos." Lester: "You said it, bubbeleh." HEE. See what I mean? Before they head out, Chuck looks once more at Sarah's empty space...

...which can be explained by the fact that she's still in bed. At 9:30, her alarm goes off (you'll be interested to know she wears a sleep mask), and she silences it by rather forcefully hurling a knife into it. Well, that's my first reaction, too, but it's an expensive indulgence. Or it would be, if my aim were anywhere near as good as Sarah's.

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