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Relationship Troubles

In the weapons room, Amor tries to shoot a threatening terrorist video, but the Generalissimo, sitting behind her, keeps ruining all of her takes by butting in and wondering why she's so angry with him. Chuck, Sarah and Casey can hear it all from the tunnels. Amor wonders why the Generalissimo wouldn't work on their marriage problems sooner. Then Turrini hollers at Amor and she goes back to her video-making. Generalissimo interrupts again, and she pulls a gun on him. Sarah thinks they need to act fast so no one starts World War III. Casey suggests blowing up the room, but Chuck thinks it's silly for them all to die over one big relationship problem. Chuck jumps into the room and says he's the mediator. Sarah comes in, too, and says they're here to help. Amor orders them to be shot, but Chuck jumps in and tells Amor she's right about her husband, so she wants to hear more. Chuck says they heard Generalissimo undermining her while she was trying to make her new head of state video. "Getting treated like that for 25 years? Who needs it?" She thanks him, and Chuck tells her she still cares about her husband, obviously, or she would have shot him already. He bets that things were perfect when they were revolutionaries sleeping in a cave, and Amor agrees that he changed when they moved into the palace. Sarah asks if change ruined things, and Chuck says change is unavoidable, so the question is whether the love is still there. Turrini decides he'll shoot Chuck and Sarah, but Chuck flashes just enough for Casey to come in and grab Turrini. He tells Amor that Turrini used to watch her sleep. He adds, "Trust me. I lived in these walls for two weeks." Way to sell the other guy as a creeper, Casey.

Sarah tells Chuck to keep talking to Amor, so he does. And Amor says she used to be partners with the Generalissimo, but then he stopped listening. Sarah tells her that the love they had in the cave doesn't have to change. Chuck looks at Sarah, surprised, as the Generalissimo asks Amor to join him in leading the country. He needs her to challenge him so they can get back to what they were. His love never died. He'll even make her Secretary of State. She loves when he talks politics, so they make out. Turrini cries and whines in Casey's arms. Which sounds more romantic than it should.

Alex shows up at the Buy More to visit Morgan. He jumps right in, talking about the flirtation they've had going on. He says he's been a bit tentative, but ... while he rambles, Alex jumps in and kisses him. She stops and says she likes him and wants to do this, even though he's freaked out by her dad. She asks if he wants to do this, and he rambles that he does, but there are steps and questions and answers. She's about to leave when the smooth jams pick up and he grabs her and kisses her somewhere. Big Mike watches proudly from outside the office window. Meanwhile, in the weapons room in Costa Gravas, where our gang is dismantling it all, Chuck flashes on the weapons system and asks Generalissimo if he purchased this system from Volkoff Industries. He did, and says it was called Project Beacon, just like Nicole Richie told them about. Chuck asks about a woman named Frost, who Generalissimo heard of but never met. He says she was some sort of kept woman of Volkoff's or something. Generalissimo's going to give Chuck all of his files on his dealings with Volkoff, Frost, etc., but he tells Chuck they're dangerous, so he should proceed with caution. "These are people you don't want to find."

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