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Relationship Troubles

General Redhead yells from her screen into Casey's apartment, "Costa Gravas is nuclear?!" Generalissimo admits it's true that he has a control panel in his basement. There are nuclear sites in the jungle, aimed at different cities, and it takes two keys to run it. He has one key around his neck. Turrini seems to take note of this, and Casey notes that. General Redhead asks where the other key is, and he mumbles that he gave it to his wife. Turrini asks if Generalissimo can please rest. General Redhead asks Chuck and Sarah, who've been on their own video feed from Castle, to go to a private line. She's sending them back to Costa Gravas after they check in with Casey. Speaking of Casey, he, the Generalissimo, and his henchmen are outside so the Generalissimo can smoke. Casey tells the Generalissimo he never imagined he'd be taken down like this. In fact, Casey wrote a paper theorizing on who would take him down: someone whose politics would never move to the center, as the Generalissimo's have; and someone who couldn't take his eyes off Amor. Casey and Turrini draw guns on each other at the same moment. Casey calls Generalissimo around behind him. Turrini tells Casey not to make him shoot a man in a wheelchair, so Casey stands up: "Better?" Turrini says Generalissimo is coming with him, since they need his key. Casey disagrees, but all the guards are apparently with Turrini. Generalissimo sees Casey's not going to back down, so he bashes him over the head with a planter. He apologizes to his Angel of Life, then leaves with the bad guys under the condition that they don't kill Casey.

General Redhead's on the monitor in Casey's apartment (where he's awake and giving himself a shot of something, I think?), telling them their mission. Casey says he's on it, since he knows every corner of Costa Gravas. She asks if he's sure he's up for it, but we all know Casey's not going to miss this one. Soon, Casey, Chuck and Sarah are crawling through a tunnel under Costa Gravas, with Chuck complaining like a girl about how gross it is and Casey dictating exactly where they are.

Back at the Buy More, Morgan meets Dr. Fred and asks him how to know if the girl he's met is the one. That's the topic of Dr. Fred's next book, How To Know, which he describes to Morgan as "250 pages of exercises guiding you through a revolutionary 40-step process." Oh, and Dr. Fred looks nothing like Dr. Phil, which is a little disappointing. Big Mike's insulted Morgan's going to someone else for love advice. After all, Big Mike wonders, "Have I not made your mama Bologna sing like the happiest bird in the sky?" Morgan's all, "Ew." And, also, this other guy wrote a book. Big Mike says no one's ever learned anything important from a book, and that Morgan should just kiss his woman and see what happens. If sweet smooth jams rise up from his soul, that's his answer. Morgan's never heard smooth jams.

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