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Relationship Troubles

As Casey leads Chuck and Sarah to the door they're looking for, Chuck asks Sarah questions from the book. It's not thrilling. They find the door, and are trapped between it and another door, when someone starts banging on the one they just came through. They worry, until they hear Ellie and Awesome giggling. Which might actually be worse than bad guys for Chuck, who's like, "Dear God, get me out of here." Sarah opens the door, and Chuck tells Ellie and Awesome he's sorry, mostly for himself. Awesome jokes that Costa Gravas must make everyone run a little caliente, since Chuck and Sarah are locked in a closet themselves. Back in the party, Amor and her men start shooting things up. Our intrepid gang runs back to watch from a doorway as Amor screams, "Bring me my husband's head! I want him, dead or alive." Chuck says they might not have the strongest marriage. Then someone shoots up the statue, and its head falls off. Awesome's not loving that. Ellie tells Chuck she knows he's not a spy, but she needs him to do some spy stuff now.

They head off to find the Generalissimo, and Chuck and Sarah fight a gang of rebels along the way. Awesome tells Chuck how awesome he is as they head out. Casey starts to lead them out by phone when Generalissimo comes in and says of course there's an escape plan. He's nonchalant about it, all "My wife and I have been fighting a lot lately. You know: Women." Generalissimo tells a "funny story" about the Angel of Death hiding in the walls for two weeks waiting to kill him, "I was in Havana with Castro the whole time!" And he laughs. Casey, still on the other end of the phone, grumbles that he heard that. Generalissimo leads them through the Soviet-era weapons room (where Sarah snaps some quick photos with a lipstick camera) to his private jet, where Awesome and Ellie thank Chuck for saving them. Then Ellie apologizes to Awesome for making them go there, but he tells her it's okay, since they do need time away. So they're going straight to Malibu when they get home. Chuck watches them in awe, what with the communication and everything. But Sarah's more interested in the homeless dictator. Turrini wants to take Generalissimo to the Embassy, but Generalissimo says he'll only trust his life to one person now: John Casey. Cut to Casey's apartment, where Generalissimo tells Casey the wheelchair's not that intimidating, but oh well. Casey seethes.

Buy More. Morgan gets a text from Alex that says, "Great seeing you. Movie marathon soon? Xo." He calls it a disaster, then asks Big Mike for advice. He explains he met this girl who might be "it," but there's this little detail of her being Casey's daughter. Big Mike agrees Casey's not the dad you want hating you, but there is no bodily limb worth the love of a good one. So Morgan needs to determine if she's worth it. In Castle, Sarah has the computer analyzing the photos of the weapons room while Chuck tries to move on to more questions from the book: The next ones are about sex. Sarah protests they have a mission, but Chuck think it's important to talk about the difficult stuff to your partner while they sleep. Sarah says she's not going to do that, and this book sounds ridiculous. Chuck says Dr. Fred is world-renowned and then accidentally beckons toward the monitor at the Buy More, where Dr. Fred's table is set up for signing autographs. Sarah zooms in and sees the title of the book. She thought they were going to take it slow, and Chuck says they are, but someday he'd like to talk about marriage. She wonders why they always have to talk and push and change things? Why can't they just be? Chuck flashes on one of the pictures from the Costa Gravan weapon as Sarah tries to keep talking. There's some minor confusion when he tells her it's nuclear.

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