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Relationship Troubles

Dancing and partying, Costa Gravan style, ensue. Chuck and Sarah discuss "personal time." His demands: Morgan needs five hours a week of Chuck's time for Halo-playing purposes, and Sarah needs thirty minutes of complete silence before sleep. Chuck thinks that cuts into his cuddle time, so they compromise by alternating nights: cuddling and silence. (Can't they just cuddle in silence?) The Generalissimo has an announcement. He'd like to present Awesome with a gift for his great service to Costa Gravas. He unveils a giant statue of Awesome -- which Awesome, of course, loves. How very Jaynestown. Too bad Casey's not here to witness it and satisfy my Browncoat heart. Chuck flashes on a sign on the wall, which Sarah notices, though Chuck tries to pretend he didn't flash, since he'd like to continue their communicating. He finally admits there's a Soviet-era weapons system down the hallway, and Sarah tells him they have to check it out. As they chat, Amor grabs a drink and tells some soldiers to "move into position" and "our time is here." She has a "socialist dream" and hates "capitalist swine." I can't help it. I have to watch the Dean Winters All State commercials every time they're on. Who would have thought Ryan O'Reily would turn out to be so funny?

Sarah calls Casey about Chuck's flash, since Casey spent so much time in Costa Gravas hunting down the Generalissimo, so he knows this palace better than anyone. Casey eagerly answers his phone and begs Sarah to give him something to do. She puts him on the phone with Chuck, who explains what he flashed on. Casey says he knows the hall Chuck's talking about; he lived in one of those walls for two weeks once. Chuck would really like to find the time to write down all of Casey's crazy stories. Sarah hopes for a diversion, and -- on cue -- the Generalissimo comes out singing "Besame Mucho" to his eye-rolling wife. Awesome admires the abs on his statue and thinks maybe he's put on some baby weight. But Ellie's not having any baby talk this weekend; they're just here on a sexy vacation (which she's calling a "babymoon"; isn't that mentioning the baby?). He congratulates "Marble Me" on making his wife a little caliente, and they head out to find some privacy.

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