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Relationship Troubles

Chuck and Sarah arrive in a panic just in time to watch the DVD the Generalissimo's men brought for Awesome. It's the Generalissimo, with paradise green-screened behind him, as nearly as indecipherable as ever as he invites them to beautiful Costa Gravas on his private jet. Ellie's salivating at the beaches, jungles, palace and more. She's like, "Devon. Babymoon." Awesome tells her it's not safe, but Sarah assures them that Costa Gravas is stable right now. Turrini agrees: "We have peace now. (PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT) And Subway sandwich franchises." Chuck says they could go, too, if it would make Awesome feels safe to have Sarah there, relaxing, in a bikini (I think that last part was more for Chuck and viewers than for Awesome's comfort level, though I guess it couldn't hurt). Turrini tells them how luxurious the Costa Gravan palace is.

Which is how we transition to Morgan telling Casey to prepare for luxury as he throws a weird half-fur blanket on him. Casey growls and throws it off of him, when there's a knock at the door. It's Alex; apparently Casey told her he was sick, not in a wheelchair, though she seems to move on from that realization quickly and asks Morgan how his pot roast turned out. Under Casey's death glare, he nervously tells her it was great and thanks her for the recipe. Casey asks if they talk often, and Morgan's like, "Once in a blue moon, when we need to discuss meats, meat, assorted meats, potted meat." Then he changes the subject to the movies Alex brought: Roman Holiday -- which is both Alex and Morgan's sick-day movie (though I cannot imagine it's Casey's). Casey tells Morgan to leave, but Alex leaves just then, so Casey holds Morgan there, to give her a five-minute lead.

Sunshiney music plays as Sarah tries on various bikinis. They all look amazing, of course, and Chuck agrees. He's excited for their trip, where they can work on their communication exercises. She seductively asks if that's what he's worried about, and he says there are many ways to communicate. They kiss, and then she leaves the room. He packs the 101 Conversations book. Don't leave home without it! When they arrive in Costa Gravas, the Generalissimo greets them warmly and crazily, sniffing Ellie and literally sniffing out the fact that she's pregnant. Then he introduces his wife, Amor (okay, that's not her real name; it's actually "Hortencia de la Corazon Goya," which is why I'll stick to calling her Amor), played by Tia Texada, who I thought was a Hey, It's That Guy, but I can't figure out where I've seen her (and, no, I have not seen Glitter). She apologizes if her husband has charmed away any of their women. They all giggle awkwardly, because... well, Generalissimo is a riot, but not exactly a charmer.

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