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Relationship Troubles
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Some things Chuck would like us to know: Armand Assante! Casey has a daughter, Alex. Morgan kinda likes her. Chuck accidentally proposed. Which brings us to right now, back in that accidental proposal moment, with the "Oh," "Huh?" "Hmmm?" "Wow." They quickly clear it up as they always do, which means: not at all. Chuck assures Sarah this ring was just, like, there, and then they're practically all, "Break!" as they run to their respective tasks. Morgan and Chuck are watching the accidental proposal on security video, and Chuck says he just wonders if she would have said yes, but Morgan would rather know if Chuck wanted her to say yes. Chuck's like, "I don't know. Maybe." So Morgan tells Chuck he and Sarah are terrible communicators, which Chuck halfheartedly acknowledges...

Which brings us to the Buy More sales floor, where Morgan's shilling a book by "Dr. Fred," called 101 Conversations Before 'I Do.' Chuck says he can't show Sarah this book to get her to communicate, since she wants to take it slow. Morgan -- the same guy encouraging better communication -- tells Chuck not to show Sarah the book, duh, just to ask her questions about it. Chuck tries to protest that he and Sarah don't need a book to communicate, and Morgan confuses him into submission, with: "You don't know whether or not you proposed, or if you did, if you're happy about it, or if she said yes or not to what may or may not have been a proposal, or if either of you ever want you to ever ask her for real. Yeah, you don't need no book. You're fine."

At the apartment, Awesome's talking to Ellie's belly like it's a living, breathing human, when she tells him she'd like to be addressed, too, and she's feeling a little overbabied. "My hot husband suddenly drives a minivan." Awesome: "Yeah, an awesome minivan! (PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT) Toyota Sienna. Safest family auto in its class." Ellie thinks maybe they should get away, and take a babymoon. He'd love to, but with how expensive college is going to be by the time their baby reaches it, they can't really afford it. She'd like it to just be the two of them for awhile, so he acknowledges she needs a break, then leans down to whisper to her belly that they'll "talk later."

Castle. General Redhead's filling Chuck and Sarah in on some guy named Turrini, the most trusted adviser to Armand Assante's Generalissimo. Casey wheels himself in then, and after some chitchat about how he's supposed to be in bed recovering (he claims he needed "fresh air," but Chuck wonders if an underground bunker is really the best place to get that). Casey's familiar with Turrini, though, so General Redhead fills them in: It's strange that he's in town, so she wants everyone who wasn't recently shot to stake out the Costa Gravan Embassy to see if he shows up. "Everyone else should be in bed." She shuts herself off, and Casey growls. On the stakeout, Sarah watches computer monitors like a good spy, but Chuck wants to take this moment to communicate with her about the "whole ring thing." He says that since she wears her "teeth-bleaching system" in front of him, they should be able to talk. She agrees they can talk. He tells her that Morgan gave him a book full of questions to ask your partner, and she wonders if she should read it. He's like, "Oh no." He'll read it and ask her the questions, and they'll have a series of emotionally stimulating conversations -- or at least that's what the back cover says. General Redhead pops up on the monitor then, and tells them they picked up Turrini, who's not headed to the Embassy. Chuck: "Then where is he heading?" Cut to a tight shot of a hand knocking on a door, which is then answered by... Awesome, with Ellie in the background. Apparently Costa Gravas is calling for Dr. Woodcomb again. And... Cake.

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