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Weekend At Casey's
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Eric Roberts (Packer), a meathead named T.I., and a nerd named Mackintosh work with Casey during the Clinton administration to find a cave in Iran filled with gold bullion. Casey locks it up so that no one can get in without his handprint, but before he seals it shut, Packer, T.I. and Mack pull guns on him. Because, you know, they'd like a little of that gold. But Casey, being Casey, throws his knife and knocks the lights out and then takes them all down in the dark. He locks up the bullion, and says they're all going to Leavenworth.

But, thankfully, we don't have to. Although we get the Buy More instead, which isn't that much better than a prison, since even when it burns down, we cannot escape it. Jeffster! invite Casey out to reunite the gang, and he's like, "I was never in your gang." That doesn't shut them up, though, so they ask him to go drink white zin and play Magic the Gathering. He says no, and I think this was just a way to set up a scene later in the episode, but it's still amusing. Also at the Buy More, Alex shows up to see Morgan, but when she tries to hug, he fist-bumps her instead. She reminds him they're dating, not buds, but he says not everybody knows that yet, even though he said he was going to tell Casey. She gets that Casey's intimidating, but it's important to her that they're honest with him. Okay, then why doesn't she tell him? She has to get to class. Chuck tells Morgan to be careful how he breaks the news to Casey, who might kill him accidentally. They watch Casey take apart a price-check scanner. Chuck asks Morgan to cover for him at the Buy More (is that even necessary now that it's not even really a cover) so he can work on the Costa Gravas files with Sarah to try to find his mom.

Castle. They've combed through all the files, and found nothing. But Sarah thinks maybe they should think about Volkoff's private prison systems. She shows Chuck a picture of Packer, T.I. and Mack, who she says will know where the Volkoff prisons are. Chuck flashes and says that those guys used to work for someone they know. Cut to Casey telling them about dragging the guys across the desert after securing the bullion. He had them court-marshaled, but they promptly escaped. Chuck interrupts and references The A-Team but no one gets it. (Casey says he was, and did not watch, The A-Team.) Casey says they've tried to get him over the years, but last time he "told them to stay hidden." Casey says the only place he could think of to get them all back together would be at Casey's funeral. Chuck has a plan: Kill Casey! I do not approve of this decision. Cake credits.

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