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Previously: Chuck found out his dad was Bakula, and Orion! Chevy Chase was a bad guy named Roark. Jill told Chuck where his dad was being taken. General Redhead shut down "Operation Moron," and Sarah committed treason to help Chuck find his dad instead of sending him underground forever.

Now: We're in Barstow, California, where Black Rock is presumed to be. From our view, it looks like a tiny town in the middle of Utah or Arizona. But what do I know? We get a close-up of an old drive-in sign, and then we're looking over it, where Sarah and Chuck are getting out of a car. There's nothing there, though, so Sarah thinks maybe Chuck's flash on Black Rock was wrong, but he sees cigarette butts and beer cans, so thinks his father was just moved. He'd like to go back and figure it out, but Sarah reminds him (and helpfully exposits for us) that if they go back, she goes to jail and he goes to underground lockup, so there really is no going "back." As Chuck looks at the mess of trash and cigarette butts on the ground, we see a little red light flashing inside a cigarette pack. It's a camera, and we get the camera's eye view, and see Bakula watching it. He says, "Don't give up, Charles." Roark comes in and says Sarah and Chuck are a cute couple. Bakula tells Roark not to hurt them, or else ... he'll lunge threateningly toward him but be stopped by the chain around his ankle. Roark assures him that as long as the new Intersect's ready by tomorrow night, Chuck and Sarah will be fine.

At Casey's apartment, General Redhead is telling Casey that Chuck's safety is no longer her main concern. She'd like him to hunt down Sarah and Chuck and bring them back dead or alive. She tells him that, after the mission's over, he'll have his pick of assignments. Then she calls him "Colonel Casey," and thanks him on behalf of his country.

Then Casey's rifling through Chuck's dresser drawers when Awesome walks in and asks him what's up. Casey says Chuck hasn't been showing up to work, so he was hoping to find some clues. Ellie walks in sporting some newly dyed hair and says Chuck just left her a voicemail, not five minutes ago. She gets complainy about Chuck going out of town with her wedding this weekend. Casey calls himself a "nervous Nellie" and leaves the window. Awesome suggests they get a lock for it. Back at his apartment, Casey's tracking the number that called Ellie's phone five minutes ago.

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