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"I Miss Knowing Kung-Fu"
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Before we get started, I have to say this episode was the best so far this season. BUT the title is one of the worst in the history of the show. The "Business Trip" of the title is not really a pivotal part of this episode, nor do they refer to it in the episode as a business trip. I don't know what I would have called it instead, but surely the writers could have come up with something better. Anyway, a few things Chuck would like us to know: Awesome fixed Jeff! Chuck fixed Morgan! But not until after Morgan broke up with Alex, and Decker put out a hit out on him.

Which brings us to where we left off last week -- with Morgan walking toward his motorbike thing (with the planted bomb). But as he's walking, Chuck ... tackles him. It's pretty funny, actually, that that would be his tactic. Morgan finds it less amusing (you know, since he's the one who hit the concrete). Chuck tells him to stay away from that douche-cycle (yes, that's what it is!), because there's a hit out on him. Morgan tells him not to freak out, though, and he just needs to get something. He clicks his douche-cycle unlock button and it explodes.

Castle. Chuck and Morgan are covered in bomb residue, and Morgan's like, "Yes, I agree, it's okay to freak out." Sarah, Casey and Chuck explain they'll get the Intersect out of Morgan and then they can get the CIA's hit called off. Casey adds, for my pleasure, "And then you'll be a moron again." Chuck and Sarah glare, so he says, "Sorry. Moron still." God, I love that angry, growling patriot. Morgan wonders if Ellie's working on the Intersect removal, but Sarah says they called in the big guns. Cue General Redhead's actual entrance into Castle. She looks at their lineup of video games and says, "So shocked you people are running out of money." Chuck sheepishly says Missile Command is part of their process. She tells Morgan to sit down, because it's time. Morgan gets a little sad. He knows this is for the best, but he'd like to do one last thing first. So he flashes on throwing stars and then Sarah and Chuck throw them at him in a bunch of ways that could kill him. But he "zooms" (for the last time, THANK GOD), and catches them all in the air. The scene is goofy, and goes on a little too long, but then it's over.

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