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Laughing Gas is the Best Medicine
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We open with Chuck walking into his apartment courtyard. He senses something is suspicious, but can't seem to put his finger on what. His porch light is flickering. That must be it. Nope. Three masked vigilantes come up behind him, slip a hood over his head, and drag him off. Luckily, John Casey is totally the spy we know he is, and he comes out with his gun and tells them to drop Chuck and take their masks off. Uh, not exactly vigilantes. It's Jeff, Lester, and Morgan. Casey's as confused as we all are. Chuck freaks out that they would do this to him, and Morgan says it's a practice run for Awesome's bachelor party -- which they aren't even invited to. Lester thinks this is the best way to handle not being invited. And Jeff thinks bachelor parties are a mythical place. Probably because he's never been invited to one. Casey thinks they're all crazy, so he sprays them with a hose. Chuck goes to bed.

Only not really. Inside, he's still studying his new Intersect materials when he hears General Redhead's voice. (By the way, I know I have been calling her Agent Redhead, but since she's a General, I'm going to give her the respect she deserves: General Redhead.) He looks at his phone, but she's not there. He looks past his feet, and she's on his TV, or fancy computer monitor. She apologizes for invading his personal life, and he wonders if she means at this moment, or in general. She ignores that and asks if his situation with Sarah has gotten too complicated and is therefore affecting his work. He says no, that Sarah's just a delight to work with. General Redhead shows Chuck a bunch of clips of him telling Sarah how much he likes her, giving her the charm bracelet, etc. General Redhead says her job is to determine if their relationship is hurting their job performance, so she's going to have to do a 49-B. He'd like to know what that is, but too late. She's gone.

Awesome wakes Chuck the next morning with a blender full of green slime. Chuck thinks he'll pass on that. He asks Awesome if he'd like to go camping for his bachelor party, or if he'd rather have something more traditional. Ellie comes in to show Chuck a returned wedding invitation that she sent to their dad. Chuck says he'll keep looking, but she tells him not to worry about it. She says she trusts Awesome completely, so she doesn't care what happens at the bachelor party. They kiss, and she "ew"s his healthy colon beverage and leaves. Awesome asks who "General Beckman" is. I reply, "General Redhead," but Chuck sort of freaks: "What?!" Awesome nods toward the monitor, which still says "General Beckman conference terminated 2:22." Chuck says it's top-secret video game stuff. Awesome assumes General Beckman must be Morgan, so he asks Chuck who he is. Chuck says he's Special Agent Carmichael. The monitor says the name is recognized, and General Redhead appears. Chuck sees it, but Awesome doesn't. He does like Carmichael, though.

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