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Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do

Bryce escorts Hayes out of the building as Chuck tries to justify his spy skills. Then Elfin Queen pops up, with a gun, and points it at Chuck. Hayes runs off like a screaming girl. Bryce calls Chuck a kid, Chuck points out they are the same age. Only Chuck could be upset about being demeaned when he's got a gun pointed at his skull. Sarah is off in the background, Bryce puts down his weapon, and hands over the chip. He asks for Chuck to be released. Bryce asks Sarah if she's got it, and tells her to take the shot. She hesitates, and for some reason Elfin Queen doesn't try to shoot Sarah. But it doesn't matter, because soon she's been shot and is crumpled on the floor, courtesy Casey. Chuck starts freaking out. Casey not only took down the Elfin Queen, but he also collared Hayes and retrieved the big bag of money. I might start calling him Captain Awesome. Bryce gives Sarah a disappointed look.

At Buy More, Mitt and his pals are back. Everyone is disappointed. Morgan goes in to talk to Mitt about their agreement. But the price for a quiet workplace without beatings just went up. Now they want a Playstation 3. Really? Instead of an XBox 360? [Or, you know, a police record that doesn't include extortion? - Zach] Anna tries to defend Morgan, but Mitt is a jerk. Morgan pours a drink over Mitt's head (though he has to climb on a couch to do it). Not his wisest decision, as now he's going to have to clean that up, and he's pissed Mitt off. Out back in the cage, it's a Mitt and Morgan showdown. Just as Morgan is about to get pummeled, strains of "Barracuda" start playing and Anna walks into the cage with what looks like tripods. She's saving her man. Chuck and Casey walk into the back, just in time to catch the action.

Mitt doesn't fight girls, which is great, because she doesn't either. As she opens the tripod and does this awesome twirling sword thing, and then does some moves that I've only ever seen in action movies. She climbs up the freakin' wall, and in a blur Mitt's lying on the ground. I'm totally impressed. So's Casey, who is running a background check on her. He says she'd be great for field work. Agreed. I'd love to see her kick some more ass.

Bryce is back in the courtyard lecturing Chuck about Sarah. You think he'd cut out the middleman and go straight to Sarah. Chuck realizes the gravity of the situation, but he doesn't know what to do. Bryce knows Chuck will do the right thing, like always, because he's a good guy. That's how he wound up in the middle of this whole mess in the first place. Bryce gives Chuck his spy glasses, but Chuck doesn't want them, or to be a real spy. Bryce says it's too late. And tells him that he's looking out for him. And with that, he's off again into the night.

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