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Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do

Bryce and Sarah are mid-mission to track down Hayes, when Casey tells them that Fulcrum lady has Chuck. Sarah goes racing off after her (which is an admirable feat considering the heels). Bryce tries to change her mind, but it doesn't work. Hayes heads out to an ugly yellow sports car with Bryce on his tail, until he almost gets hit. Chuck's being ushered out the back by the elfin queen, who's got a gun on his back. He babbles about The Hobbit, which is pretty funny, and very Chuck. When Sarah shows up, gun in hand, there's a shoot out. A driver picks up the Elfin Queen, who tosses a purse-sized bomb in Chuck's general direction. Sarah retrieves him and they run off. A car explodes. Chuck's freaked out, and Sarah's unconscious on the ground.

At the hospital, Sarah's okay. Chuck brought her favorite flowers, gardenias. She's pleasantly surprised. He does have some spy skills. Then he sees she's already got a whole wall of flowers from Bryce. Chuck laments that he's always going to come in second to Bryce. Sarah gives Chuck false hope by telling him not always. But to be fair, she does have a concussion. Bryce is incognito by the elevator, and he sees Chuck and Sarah talking. And then Ellie sees Sarah's ex and wants to go give him the what-for. Chuck's apologizing for getting Sarah into this fine mess, but he's not the one who's tasked with bodyguard duty. Awesome approaches Bryce and wants to fix his infected cheek cut, then starts giving him the third degree and basically telling him to lay off so Sarah and Chuck can date. Awesome's all awesome and gives a speech about how, as a cardio thoracic surgeon, he knows the heart better than anyone else (though judging by Grey's Anatomy, this is so not the case), and he knows that they are in love. Bryce is perplexed by this.

The next morning at the Buy More, Morgan and Lester are looking worse for wear. They hid out all night to avoid a confrontation with Mitt and his hooligans. But since the nerds didn't come to the mountain, the mountain of a man has come to the nerds. Jeff's got his video camera out. It's going to be just like Faces of Death. Morgan goes to face off against Mitt, who is all intimidating. The gang wants PSPs, and they easily walk off. Bribery. It is the universal language. [Also, it is a matter for the police. - Zach]

In the courtyard, Bryce surprises Chuck. He's worried about Sarah, who went off-mission in order to go after Chuck. Um, that's her job. Or does someone need some reminding? Bryce says that Sarah's feelings for Chuck are going to get her killed. Being sensitive is going to get her killed, because Fulcrum means business. Bryce is all intense, and his eyes are kinda sparkly. Sorry, shiny things always distract me.

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