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Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do

Bogota, Columbia: It's 2005, and Bryce Larkin and Sarah are making out on a street corner and then running with a briefcase through the streets. She's an amazing runner. Nice long strides. Some thug holds a gun to Bryce's head. Sarah plays all sweet until she reaches behind her back, grabs a huge-ass gun and kills the dude. Then Bryce steals a flower from a vendor and compliments her shot, and they do this cutesy exchange where they call each other Mr. and Mr. Anderson.

In present day we see (or are reshown) Chuck walking up to Sarah's door to the spot where we left off last week. He's so cute with his white jacket and the spring in his step. It's almost more heartbreaking to watch it the second time, because I know what's going to happen. Anyway, door opens. Bryce is there, Chuck is crestfallen.

Chuck stands outside his apartment throwing away the rose that he had for Sarah. Ellie asks why he's home from his date so early. Chuck tries to be nonchalant and says that her ex is in town. Awesome says this is not awesome. Awesome wants to know what this guy has that is so great, because, frankly, Chuck's a catch. Well, Bryce is good-looking, has an exciting career and he's sophisticated. Ellie's all adorable and tries to say it will be over soon enough. Chuck is rightly skeptical. Ellie and Awesome get all cuddly on the couch, and Chuck sits alone across the room. Seriously. My heart is breaking. Can't we bring back the sandwich girl if Sarah's going to be preoccupied? Our nerdy hero needs some love.

At the Buy More, Lester is doing a white glove test. Chuck and Morgan compare Lester to Mussolini. I don't think he's gone full-on dictator yet, since Chuck and Casey can apparently come and go as they please to the fro-yo shop, but give him time. Give him time. Speaking of fro-yo, guess where C&C are spending their lunch. Yup. Down in super secret spy lair. Chuck wants to know if it has anything to do with Bryce being in town. Casey so obliviously notes that Bryce is probably there for a "roll in the hay" with Walker.

In the screening room, there's a bunch of big jock guys playing some sort of video game. Lester and Jeff are looking on. Lester does not appreciate his store being turned into a frat house by the guys from the "Mighty Jock" sporting good store. Lester tasks Morgan with evicting the ruffians, who apparently brought snacks (tacos!) and are generally trashing the joint. But it's Mitt (what the hell kind of name is that?) and His Merry Band of Maniacs. Morgan thinks it is a suicide mission, but he heads in. He makes up some new rules, which include sharing the Madden football with the other customers, using their indoor voices, and cleaning up after themselves. Mitt (former NY Giant Michael Strahan) seemingly apologizes, but stuffs his taco in Morgan's pocket and then threatens to punch his face in. Which begs the question, what the hell kind of people head to the local electronics store to sit and have lunch and play video games? I mean, I've seen people sitting around watching movies or whatever, or kids standing in aisles playing xBox, but nothing quite like this.

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