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No previouslies. Probably because, according to the forum posters, these episodes are being aired out of order, anyway. Instead we open in Tarzana, California, in 1992, in front of a middle school. A little boy with an Alf T-shirt is running from someone. It's a little girl, who calls him "Morgan Grimes," and then tries to beat him up for spying on her in the locker room. Then a shadow with curly hair walks up to save Morgan. In a younger version of Chuck's voice, he tells the girl he'll handle it from here, then he tells Morgan to stay away from girls for probably 15 years.

Flash-forward 15 years (give or take a few), and Morgan's in the viewing room showing Jeff, Lester and Chuck a picture of Anna on the big screen. Chuck says, "Your ex-girlfriend," so that we viewers know a) who she is since she hasn't been on in months and b) that they broke up at some point off-screen. Morgan says, "Anna Melinda Wu. Five feet two inches. Ninety-six pounds. Chinese descent." Chuck wonders why we're in here talking about her. Morgan needs their help on a spy mission. Everyone teases Chuck about how he can't handle the spy stuff, and will just be there for moral support. Jeff and Lester are there to do the spying. Jeff asks Chuck if it surprises him that 80 percent of his encounters with women have been completely without their knowledge. Chuck is actually more surprised about the other 20 percent. As am I. Chuck tells Morgan he's not comfortable stalking another human being, but Morgan says it's not stalking, just "caring enough about someone to learn things about them they won't tell you themselves." In other words: stalking. Morgan tells Chuck he really needs him.

Back at Ellie and Awesome's, she hollers to Devin that she really needs him. He comes into the bedroom wrapped in a towel, which he opens for her. But that's not what she needs. She needs his help with the wedding, because with work and being a sister and a girlfriend (er ... fiancé) and everything else, she doesn't have time. So, she literally tears her to-do list and gives him part of it, which she tells him is cake, flowers and the band. She'll take care of everything else. I find it a bit surprising that she would put him in charge of flowers. Plus, aren't those the three biggest to-do things at a wedding anyway? What's she going to do? Get a pedicure? Anyway, he says that this is a partnership, and she likes that answer enough to start making out with him. He shuts the door in our faces as Chromeo starts singing "Momma's Boy."

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