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Previously: We had that episode from two weeks ago that was really supposed to come right before this one. Everything in this episode basically will follow what happened in that one. (See how they move things around and mess with us?)

Someone is digging in a surprisingly brightly lit night sky. He hits a body bag with no casket or anything, unzips it and conveniently finds just what he's looking for right on top: a belt. He grabs it and leers at it. We cut quickly to Sarah and Casey in Castle staring, as they usually do, at Agent Redhead on a screen. She's explaining that the body, which was dug up from a CIA dump site, belonged to Andy Richter, the Fulcrum agent who possibly put the bad Intersect in Chuck's brain. They don't know who dug him up yet, but Agent Redhead thinks it's not to the point where they have to keep Chuck safe at Castle. But they shouldn't let him out of their sights, just in case.

Chuck, who does not appear to be within Casey or Sarah's sight, is having breakfast with Ellie and Awesome when Sarah calls him. He ignores it, telling Ellie he'll see Sarah later anyway. Awesome agrees that playing hard to get is sometimes good, because cold and detached can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Really? Since when? Ellie tells Awesome that abstinence is also an aphrodisiac; does he want to try that? He tells Chuck he's not getting involved. Then Ellie tells Chuck that if Sarah's not the one, as he told her two episodes back, he has to break up with her now.

Chuck arrives at the Buy More, and Morgan starts in about the relationship that's keeping him up at night: his mom and Big Mike's. Specifically, it's the sex part of that relationship that's stressing him out. They won't stop having sex, and Big Mike moans like a wounded sea lion. Chuck and Morgan get the willies. Morgan asks if he can crash with him for awhile. Chuck promises to run it by Ellie and Awesome. Sarah's calling him again and he's ignoring it. She walks up behind him and cutely asks if he's screening her calls. He says he wants to talk to her, but has been waiting for the right time. She offers to buy him a frozen yogurt. Or, probably, to give him one for free.

At the Orange Orange, Sarah demonstrates her crazy knife skills on a banana as she asks Chuck what he wants to talk about. Freaked by said skills, Chuck tells her she can go first, but she says hers is spy-related and she has a feeling his isn't. He clears his throat and says he wants to talk about them. She asks if he wants to break up again, and he looks surprised. But she heard it through bites of cereal on the surveillance tap. Poor Ellie and Awesome. They have no idea everything they do is being recorded. At least Chuck has the benefit of knowing, even if it doesn't seem to help him realize she'll already know stuff like this. She says it's an occupational hazard. He tells her it's not her, it's him. Casey walks in just then and tells him not to give that speech to a trained assassin holding a knife, but Chuck asks him to please leave. Chuck tells her he cares about her, but he is tired of lying to everyone. She tells him to say that they're taking things slowly, and they don't know what the future holds for them. Chuck asks if that's just another lie, and she looks down. He takes that as a yes, and says he wants to break up. I didn't realize breaking up was even an option. Isn't it part of the cover of protecting Chuck? Anyway, he breaks up and she lets him, so Casey returns and says "Great. Most annoying romance of my life is finally over." He wants them to get downstairs now.

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