Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

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The Handled Becomes the Handler

Casey's rehearsing a call to Gertrude, to ask her to dinner. He plans it out; it's perfectly casual. Then he dials. She answers, but he hangs up. She hangs up, too, and then apologizes to someone, who she assumes is here about the job opening. It's, of course, whiny baby Morgan. He assures her he's more than ready, and tells her he has something to offer that no one else can. He points to his head and says, "the Intersect." She says she's heard about it, but wasn't sure it really existed. He assures her it exists. She says she was wondering who the real Luke Skywalker was on their team, and it's good to finally know. He says he bets it is, but has one question: "Who's Luke Skywalker?" Uh-oh, Chuck fans. There's a problem with the Force.

Next week: Morgan's a traitor, who's gone so far as to "frost his tips." And it does not look good. Sarah calls someone to tell them the Intersect's malfunctioning in Morgan's brain. Sarah and Gertrude fight, and Morgan pulls a gun. Chuck tells him he's not a killer. A helicopter explodes, and Chuck saves Morgan.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, hopes this new path is the writers remembering Chuck's brain was supposed to be special. You can contact her at

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