Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

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The Handled Becomes the Handler

When they get back to the Buy More, Sarah wonders why there are so many people there. They assume something's wrong. Chuck hopes Jeff's not trying to bathe in the washing machine again. But what people are gathered around is Awesome's commercial. He walks around in a Buy More shirt, talking about how everything about him is also about Buy More: the blender he uses for his protein shakes, his shower radio. He points out he's a heart surgeon and a natural athlete. Then asks viewers, "Why not ... Buy More?" Even Casey notices that Awesome's eyes seem to follow everyone who's watching. They're mesmerizing. Chuck's happy about this, plus they got $200,000 up front from Karl. But Sarah and Casey let him know that's basically gone: $150,000 to Verbanski Corp., $30,000 repairs to Wesley's house (what damage did they do there?), plus climbing gear, the bolt gun ... you get the picture. But optimistic Chuck says it's still a start.

Back at the apartments, Morgan comes out into the courtyard to apologize to Chuck. He says he's also sorry, and he called Casey and Sarah to help him, not hurt him. He acknowledges he's not the best handler yet. Morgan asks if he's not going to get to be a spy for awhile, and Chuck says he has all the potential in the world and it will happen. And Chuck's going to be with him every step of the way until he's ready. Morgan, who seems distant, says okay. But right now he's got to get to Alex's (she still exists? Who would know?). Chuck asks if he's still on for movie trilogy night, and Morgan's like, "Okay, whatever." Chuck asks if he wants to watch Star Wars or Die Hard (apparently the theme is actually "trilogies taken from longer series of which we only liked three movies"), and Morgan's like, "I don't know. Whatever. You decide. That's more your thing." Chuck looks puzzled. Casey comes out and asks Chuck if the Intersect's going to Morgan's head. Chuck says it might be, because he doesn't seem like himself. He tells him about Morgan not knowing who Indiana Jones was earlier, and now this: movie trilogy night. Chuck thinks maybe he's just distracted, but Casey says he better get his head on straight, and soon.

Chuck's running in the park, when Sarah approaches him. He says he didn't mean to wake her up, but she says she's used to this. "Us spies without the Intersect have to train." He asks if she asked him to handle Morgan because she was handling him. She says no. She wanted Morgan to have the best handler, and who better than Chuck? Also, Chuck doesn't need a handler anymore. Plus, handlers can't do this. She kisses Chuck, and runs off. He says that's not fair as he tries to keep up.

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