Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

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The Handled Becomes the Handler

Casey and Sarah prepare to head after them, when Sarah pulls up a computer and finds Casey's been looking up Verbanski Corp. Wesley comes out and tells Casey and Sarah that his brother's place is like a fortress. If anything goes wrong, it's looked down so that nobody gets in or out alive. Inside the fortress, Morgan wants to find proof that Karl's smuggling diamonds so they can take him down. Chuck protests, but Morgan's completely annoying. When he sees a guard, he "zooms," and his stunt double takes the guy out. Casey and Sarah "zoom" over in their own way, as she drives 80 and above the whole ride to Karl's. She snits that he obviously wants to work for Verbanski, but he tells her a story about how he and Gertrude had a one-night stand once, after she knifed him, so she really just wants him, physically. Sexually. Sarah would like to focus on the mission now. All the while, Morgan and Chuck are fighting Karl's guards back at the fortress. Even Chuck still seems to have his swoopy and air-jumping Intersect moves. Must be residual.

After Morgan tranqs a showoffy knife trickster, Chuck calls him "Indy." Morgan: "Who?" Chuck laughs, but Morgan's not seeming to get the joke. No time to dwell, though, because Chuck wants to get out of this place. Now. Morgan disagrees, and won't listen even when Chuck pulls the handler card. Chuck tells Morgan that having the Intersect in you doesn't mean you don't have something to learn, and Morgan has a lot to learn. He says he called Casey and Sarah, and Morgan is horrified. But Karl and a few more guards interrupt. Karl says he wishes they'd called before dropping by. He sees all his knocked-out guards, and says, "The place is a mess." Karl asks if Chuck brought Wesley, but can see he didn't. The windows start to lock down, and Casey and Sarah aren't inside yet. Casey says the boys are on their own, but Sarah says she's doing whatever it takes. She pulls out her phone, and Casey asks who she's going to call.

Morgan and Chuck are tied up inside, with Morgan still whining like a pesky 3-year-old about Chuck calling them. Chuck says they're a team, not superheroes or vigilantes. But Morgan says he thought this one was just the two of them. He says Casey and Sarah don't trust him or believe in him, and it's clear Chuck doesn't anymore, either. Karl's sick of listening to the whining, and says he only needs one hostage. He pulls a gun, but the lights in the fortress immediately go out. Chuck wonders what's happening, and then quickly figures it out as laser lights come on all around. Verbanski's people bust in and take down Karl and all of his men. Sarah's one of Verbanski's people in this scenario. Chuck is glad they came, but Sarah says it wasn't cheap. Gertrude tells Sarah that some might say it's tacky to hire your competition to help you, but she thinks it takes balls. She says there's no payment plan, and someone from her Burbank office will drop off the bill. She tells Casey it's "always a pleasure," and sways on out. Chuck thanks them for coming, and Sarah says they're a team. Except the whiner, who stalks off, apparently very unhappy at having had his life saved just now.

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