Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

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The Handled Becomes the Handler

Buy More. Big Mike's auditioning all the staff for the new commercials. Jeff's gross. Lester's annoying. Big Mike's "so over this whole Jeffster! thing." Who isn't? Even Lester agrees. Big Mike yells and tells everyone that the store's on the line and none of them have a face that will bring in customers. Cue Awesome entering the store in slow motion, with a wind machine blowing on him. Big Mike's impressed. Who isn't? He helps Awesome find what he's looking for, but then watches him and talks about what a pretty man he is.

To get into the compound where Wesley's being held, they have to climb a rock wall. Morgan's forced to wait in the van, despite his protests. He heads back there, mumbling unhappily under his breath. Sarah scales the wall first, as Casey shoots hand-holds into the rock when and where she needs them to be. Sarah has Casey on a private line and tells him about her meeting with Verbanski. It distracts him so much he almost misses shooting a hand-hold for her in time once. When she asks what's up with him and Verbanski, he just says he's got Sarah's back and gets all focused and intent. Morgan's still muttering in the van when Sarah reaches the top, leaving a rope/hand-hold for Chuck and Casey to follow. Morgan, in the van: "It's about time."

Chuck breaks them into the house entirely too easily, and they find Wesley (Justin Hartley, or Oliver/Green Arrow, if you've forgotten) lounging in the living room. He wonders what the hell they're doing here, and when they say they're here to save him, he asks what they're talking about. See, he's not been kidnapped. The guards around the place are all people he hired to protect him from his brother, Karl, who is the person who cut off Wesley's finger. Because Wesley is about to make a deal with the Feds to testify against Karl. The gang assures Wesley they're not here to hurt him, and they tell Morgan to get the van ready. But the van? It's empty. Because Morgan is on his way up. He fights some guards on the other side of a frosted glass door (helping solve a stunt-double problem, I guess). Morgan comes in and "zooms." He tells them all, but they know! Morgan says if the Intersect wasn't stifled in the van, they'd have all known sooner. Then Karl calls Chuck, who pretends things are still going as planned when Karl says there's a team coming to pick up his brother now. They came here to save him, so they're going to do that anyway. Morgan insists the Intersect runs from no man, but Chuck says he does for now. Morgan listens for a change, and they all run off.

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