Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

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The Handled Becomes the Handler

Sarah's iPhone rings. It says "Gertrude Verbanski," and she answers it sounding puzzled. I'm also puzzled, because why does she have Gertrude's number in her phone? Then she's at Verbanski Corp., a big, hulking compound with tons of people training and fighting all over the place. She finds Gertrude in her office, where there's also a gun on display that says "Taken in Action" from John Casey in Minsk. Gertrude offers Sarah a job, and says Carmichael Industries doesn't offer anything but a former colonel and a CEO with skinny arms. Sarah scoffs, and tells her they both know she's not leaving her husband's company, so why is she really here... is it because Gertrude wants to get to John Casey? Gertrude doesn't say anything, but she looks a little guilty. Gertrude tells her she should leave her company, which is obviously failing. Sarah tells her that she hoped this could be a cooperation between their businesses, but if it's competition she's after, Gertrude can have it. Sarah leaves her by telling her not to expect Sarah to mount anything of Gertrude's in her office when this is all over. "It's just tacky." Yeah, good luck taking down a giant CORP with your tiny, four-person Industries.

Chuck and Morgan are in a convenience store shopping for TV dinners. Morgan babbles about how he finally feels as cool as Chuck now that he has the Intersect, making life a little more bearable. Newsflash: He's still not as cool as Chuck. There's a holdup at the register, and Morgan says this is what he's been waiting for. He finds a black mask, which he slips on, and starts talking in a lowered voice about being the "Bearded Bandit." Chuck asks if he even knows what bandit means, but Morgan's not listening. He heads up and takes down the burglar. But when he calls himself the Bearded Bandit, that freaks the girl out and she throws the money at him. Then the actual burglar gets back up and pulls his gun on Morgan. Chuck knocks him down and takes his gun. Then the cops pull up, and Morgan's like, "The fuzz! The fuzz!" Chuck realizes he's the world's worst handler, and they run out of there. (Morgan's mask and a bunch of background jack-o-lanterns in the background make me realize they were planning for the original October 21 start date, and that this was supposed to be the Halloween weekend episode.)

Casey and Sarah scold Chuck when the Bearded Bandit ends up in the next day's paper. Sarah says they're a legitimate company, not vigilantes in masks. Chuck says Morgan meant well. Sarah points out that he could have gotten himself and the store clerk killed, which is basically the end of that conversation. But can't Casey talk to him? I mean, they're roommates (or were, last I checked). But on to the task at hand: They found Wesley, and verified Karl's story, so everything's ready for this job, except for handling Morgan. Chuck breaks it to Morgan that he has to stay in the van. Morgan's not happy about this, since he's the Intersect (had you heard?), and should be used on the mission. He plays the friend card, but Chuck tells him he's also his handler, so it's his job to protect the Intersect.

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