Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

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The Handled Becomes the Handler

Then, when he's gone, Chuck and Sarah discuss it and she thinks Morgan will be a problem. Chuck explains to her what it's like to have the Intersect in the beginning: hormones are out of whack, you're rediscovering your body... basically, it's like puberty. Sarah says that's why Morgan needs a handler, and she wants it to be Chuck. She reminds him that he had her and Casey, and Morgan needs someone. Chuck heads to Morgan's office. He apologizes to Chuck for what happened with Karl. Chuck says it took him awhile, too, and Morgan compares himself to Peter Parker coming to terms with his spidey sense. Then Chuck tells Morgan the idea of being his handler, just like Sarah and Casey did for him. Morgan agrees.

Before they can have a real heart to heart about it all, Big Mike bursts in, back from his "sexual experimentation" and snorkeling vacation with Morgan's mother, Bolonia. Big Mike asks what they've been up to, since the Buy More's looking awfully empty. Chuck acknowledges it's been a little slow, and Big Mike says that's not going to work for him, since Bolonia's "not a cheap tigress." Chuck agrees -- but, you know, not with the part about Morgan's mother being a tigress. Big Mike has a suggestion to save the Buy More. He shows the boys an old video from the '70s of him selling old-school TVs and BetaMax and everything else, by being a real ladies man, luring them in with his charms and all that. He suggests just re-airing it, since it brought in a lot of business back in the day. Chuck tells Big Mike it feels a little dated, what with the updates in technology (not to mention Big Mike's girth). Morgan agrees, and says they need a fresh face to show that the Buy More has something new to offer. Big Mike, clearly hurt, says he hears them.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey are checking into Karl's story. She finds the finger to be a positive match for Wesley. And Casey's spying on the compound where Wesley's being held. He's dressed in full-on cheeseball hunting gear: bright orange camo vest (an oxymoron?), a brown hat with flaps, and a rifle slung over his shoulder. He tells Sarah Wesley's being held in a guarded compound. Then, to see how well-protected the place is, he blows on a duck call. Some guards run out, and he pretends he's just hunting (but, just for the record, from someone who's married to a hunter, a waterfowl hunter would not wear a bright orange vest, and would not be wandering around, but rather sitting in a blind, waiting). Clearly the guards don't know any more about hunting than Casey does, though. It gives him a chance to count ten guards at the entrance. He lets Sarah know, and she says there has to be another way in. He growls that he'll find it if there is.

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