Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

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The Handled Becomes the Handler
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A few things Chuck wants us to know: Morgan's the Intersect 3.0 (or whatever we're on now). Decker froze Carmichael Industry's assets, so Chuck realized they need to make the Buy More profitable to support their spy business. Which is not at all where we open. Instead, Chuck, Sarah and Casey are making what appears to be a commercial but what turns out to be a sales pitch at some sort of spy conference. They just stand there and talk, then have a technical glitch with their Carmichael Industries logo. Where they opted to not go flashy, however, Verbanski Corp. comes in with lasers blazing in the dark. Their head is Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Anne Moss). "If we can get to you, we can get to anyone." Casey seems very upset about this, and explains it all to Sarah and Chuck back at his apartment. She was in KGB, and Casey was a patriot, back in 1995 in Minsk. They had an altercation, which left a knife scar right over one of Casey's favorite scars. Growl. Chuck says she was good, whoever she is, and she took all of their potential clients.

Then he breaks the bad news to Awesome, who ditched rock climbing to help him prep for the presentation. Awesome can't believe it didn't go well, since he gave Chuck all his pointers -- the same ones he used to woo "your hot sister." Awesome, ever the optimist, tells Chuck it's okay, though, since at least they still have the Buy More. Right? Cut to the empty Buy More, as Old West music plays. Chuck walks in and an actual tumbleweed rolls by. Morgan says it's from the new home and garden section they put in to drum up business. Or something. Then Morgan suggests they advertise his Intersect to bring in some customers, but Chuck points out that the Intersect can't exactly be public information. Then a guy walks in, and Morgan "zooms." (I will never get used to them using that; can we please go back to Chuck as the Intersect now, please?) He tells Chuck it's a bad guy, and before Chuck can stop him, Morgan zooms on some kung-fu, and stunt doubles his way over to do a leaping punch into the guy's face. Casey calls and tells Chuck their one potential client is about to show up. Chuck looks down and the guy Morgan just punched out is holding Casey's Carmichael Industries card... Aaaaaaaand Cake opening.

Chuck uses some smelling salts or something to wake up their potential client, who's played by Jeff Fahey (also known as Frank Lapidus, if you didn't notice). Sarah sweet-talks him a little, and even Casey gets in on it by offering muffins that he apparently made fresh this very morning. Lapidus's name here is Karl Sneijder. Chuck asks Karl why their partner might have thought he was a criminal, and Karl says he works in the diamond industry in Africa, and isn't known for keeping his hands clean. However, he is here for something legitimate: He wants to get his little brother, Wesley, back from some kidnappers. Wesley's a good man who's never had anything to do with the dirty diamonds. Casey asks why they should believe his brother was kidnapped, so Karl gives them a finger, presumably Wesley's. Karl offers $200,000 up front, and another $200,000 when they deliver his brother. He asks them to please consider helping his brother, even though they don't want to help him. Sarah tells him they'll take some time to consider, and Karl says that's fine. But he does want to know if their friend with the beard will be a problem. They all insist he won't.

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