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"I'm A Spy, Buddy"

Casey comes back to the Orange Orange and says he couldn't get in; they're locked out. Agent Superman tells Sarah "time's up" and calls Langley. They answer just as the Castle door opens. He hangs up and all three draw their guns. Smoke pours out of Castle for no reason other than to make Morgan's entrance even more dramatic. He walks out, adjusts his tie and says, "Bag 'em and tag 'em, Sarah. Excuse me. Agent Walker." She looks at Casey, who's like, "GRRRR. Huh?" Chuck comes out after Morgan, smiling and nodding sort of like, "Sorry, guys. No choice."

Team Bartowski's at Castle, with Morgan on a screen in a cell. Agent Superman says they have to put Grimes into witness protection, but Chuck tells him to hang on a second because Morgan's not going anywhere. Agent Superman says Morgan knows Chuck's secret, and Chuck says, "Yeah, so do a lot of people. Awesome knows." Casey walks through to say: "Yeah, well, Awesome's awesome. Grimes is a moron." Agent Superman says they have no reason to believe they can trust him, but Chuck says they have his 22 years of loyalty to Chuck to trust him. He says Morgan has his faults, granted, but one thing he is, is loyal and he will never betray Chuck or his secret. Sarah says Chuck's right, and Chuck says he's flashing again because he has his best friend back. He says that they need the Intersect, and Chuck needs Morgan, so he's staying right where he belongs, which is the Burbank Buy More.

Agent Superman opens Morgan's cell door, and he comes out, looking around curiously. He tells Chuck it's not a problem about the wait, then he talks to Casey: "Colonel Casey? Always walking around so angry. I should have known you had a big secret!" Casey: "God help us." Chuck says everything's okay, and Morgan asks if he's officially part of the team. Chuck suggests walking before they run and maybe crawling before that. Morgan's okay with that, but he wants to celebrate with an old-school Duck Hunt marathon, and a meatball sub with extra marinara and jalapenos. Just the two of them. Chuck agrees to that. Big Mike and the gang get a call at the Buy more. It's Buy More corporate (only really it's Agent Superman), who's calling to tell them the store is no longer for sale after that incredible display of store loyalty yesterday. Big Mike hangs up and shares the good news with a victory shout, and the camera pans out to show to Buy Morons reenacting the Kiss.

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