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"I'm A Spy, Buddy"

As Agent Superman drives them back, Sarah and Casey both try calling and can't get through to Chuck's cell or the Buy More's land line. They figure out that the Ring must be jamming the signals or something. Casey growls. At the Buy More, Morgan wants to call the police, so Chuck pulls out his phone and says he doesn't have a signal. Morgan says it makes sense the bad guys would cut off all communication to the store, so they have to handle this themselves. Chuck says they don't need to do anything, but get everyone out of the store. Morgan says they're Buy More's -- America's last line of defense and they're going to take the last fight to them. Chuck points out this isn't a video game, so Morgan says he knows not everyone's a hero, so he'll ask Jeffster! instead (because they are known for heroics?) Chuck says fine, he'll do it, but only if Morgan helps him get everyone out first and what Morgan's told him remains a secret. Morgan loves having a secret between just the two of them, so he's totally down. But they find Jeffster!, Big Mike, and the rest of BuyMoria putting everything in front of the door to lock down the store and keep the suits from firing them. Chuck tries to talk some sense into them, but look who he's talking to. Big Mike gives a Braveheart speech about how they can take their dignity and all the hot women, but they cannot take our jobs and they will never take our store. He plants a flag and they reenact Iwo Jima on top of the pile of stuff they're stacking -- complete with a photo and everything.

Chuck finally gets through to Sarah and Casey on his watch. They tell him they're on their way, so she should sit tight. When he turns back, Morgan's there: "This is for you. Mace. I know it's not much, but it'll have to do. Emmett kept a stockpile in case Russians attacked, Red Dawn-style. This is for you also. Walkie Talkie. Don't drop it. It's expensive. You ready to do this? Let's do this!" Chuck tries to stop him, but Morgan, electric knives at the ready, heads into the backroom. Where he's immediately accosted by the Ring guys, and all of a sudden realizes how silly and stupid his heroics are here. Diedrich has Chuck and Morgan tied back to back in the practice fighting room with all the other baddies standing around menacingly. He tells "Agent Carmichael" he's all alone, and the base is locked down. Morgan's like, "Who is Agent Carmichael? You're crazy." Chuck agrees it's crazy. Morgan tells them to let them go and they won't tell anyone. Chuck agrees. Diedrich brings a sharp razor over and asks Chuck where the files are. Chuck says even if he was a spy, he would have been trained to withstand torture. That's why Diedrich's planning to torture Morgan, since Chuck told them he's his best friend. Morgan tells them how ridiculous this is that they think Chuck's a spy, since he's known him his entire life. Chuck listens guiltily. Diedrich puts the knife to Morgan's face, until Chuck tells them to stop and says, "Morgan, the truth is... I am a member of an elite black-ops team that is stationed here in Burbank. I have a level 6 clearance, and my code name is Charles Carmichael. I'm a spy, Buddy." Morgan looks heartbroken. Commercials.

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